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Film Spring WorkshopAugust 2020

Filming on a virtual set group

We invite you to join Filming on a virtual set group which will be led by a highly experienced tutor, filmmaker and image supervisor Daniel Zduńczyk. Please register for workshop to join the group classes. The group’s goal will be to learn about the possibilities of virtual production technology....
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Film Spring WorkshopSeptember 2019

Gabriel Ziaja will lead Virtual Reality HP Group this year!

Creators of the Virtual Reality HP Group reshape the education, information and entertainment markets before our very eyes. VR has entered the world of film and art and it is here to stay, totally redefining experiences of the audience. We invite all fans of innovation and technology to join...
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Bez kategoriiAugust 2019

The Interactive Narration Group will continue the project during Film Spring Open 2019

The INTERACTIVE NARRATION GROUP will work on the project ONLY YOU under the supervision of Florent Pallares, a PhD graduate in film and audiovisual studies, a tutor at Diplôme Universitaire de Photojournalisme, Captation et Images Aériennes in Perpignan ( www.photojournalisme.eu) and Barbara Kurzaj, the creator of Red Eyes Cool,...
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