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Film Spring WorkshopSeptember 2021

NUKE the Art of Visual Effects with Agata Nawrocka!

We are happy to announce recruitment to the NUKE the Art of Visual Effects Group. Agata Nawrocka will once again lead the participants through the meanders of the VFX. The “wow” effect is guaranteed! As a participant, you will be able to listen to Agata’s lecture and take part...
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Film Spring WorkshopSeptember 2019

Kuba Sobek will lead CGI and modern editing group

Kuba Sobek, an experienced producer of trailers for video games will lead CGI and Modern editing group during Film Spring Open Workshop 2019. How to create something out of nothing? How to add it to a video? We invite everyone willing to learn the basics of animation, motion design...
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Bez kategoriiSeptember 2019

Agata Nawrocka will lead Nuke The Art of Visual Effects Group

During the Film Spring Open workshop 2019 Agata Nawrocka, our longtime participant who nowadays works as a motion designer, will lead Nuke The Art of Visual Effects Group. The group is supported by the software producer Foundry. “Visual effects are a complex process of working with the image. It...
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