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Sławomir Idziak with the award for lifetime achievement. Cinebus at the PSC award ceremony.

On February 24, during the ceremony at the Warsaw Film School, we will get to know the winner of the PSC 2018 Award. This year, 31 films were submitted to the competition. The final five include:

  1. Amok, dir. Kasia Adamik, cinematography Tomasz Naumiuk PSC (first nomination).
  2. Silent Night, dir. Piotr Domalewski, cinematography Piotr Sobociński jr PSC (fifth nomination, previously for Róża, Drogówka, Bogowie, Wołyń). The film was screened at last year’s Film Spring Workshop.
  3. Marie Curie, The Courage of Knowledge, dir. Marie Noelle, cinematography Michał Englert PSC (second nomination, previously for the film Ciało / Body).
  4. Spoor, dir. Agnieszka Holland, Kasia Adamik, cinematography Jolanta Dylewska PSC (second nomination, previously for the film In the Dark), Rafał Paradowski (first nomination).
  5. Dawn, dir. Laila Pakalnina, cinematography Wojciech Staroń PSC (second nomination, previously for the film Papusza).

The members of the Polish Society of Cinematographers will also honour particularly distinguished personalities of Polish cinematography.

Sławomir Idziak, a cinematographer and creator of educational projects: Film Spring Open and Cinebus, will receive the award for lifetime achievement. The PSC Special Award will be presented to the outstanding film and theater actor, Janusz Gajos.

Cinebus, a mobile film studio which enables filmmaking from the pre-production to post-production stage and was designed and built by the Film Spring Open Foundation, will be presented in front of the Warsaw Film School. Film producers and representatives of companies producing equipment as well as other representatives of the industry can count on a tour of the Cinebus by Sławomir Idziak himself.

A novelty on Cinebus’ board is a specially designed, mobile director’s preview, which can be operated outside the vehicle.

mobilny reżyserski podgląd wideo w Cinebusie
Mobilny reżyserski podgląd wideo w Cinebusie. Zdjęcie Iwona Jasinska

Cinebus is equipped with the latest hardware and software from the world’s leading brands and is a tool of the New Production Model advocated by Sławomir Idziak and his foundation.

The Cinebus show will take place on 23.02.2018 from 12:00 to 19:00 and on 24.02.2018 from 12:00 to 18:30.

Feel invited!

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