Selfie TV

We would like to create a Selfie TV – a mobile Public Television, which will consist of:

  • Smartphones Application which allow audience of concerts, historical reconstructions, and all public events upload their recorded videos in HD quality to Cinebus very quickly.
  • Cinebus – special vehicle bus established for audiovisual production, already created by Film Spring Open Foundation. The best received and selected videos – the most attractive shots will be uploaded to the video screens and on dedicated websites and also archived for further use. The aim of Samowizja Project is to create an interactive system, in which each participant of the event will become a video-chronicler of the event. Selfie TV in the case of big events Selfie TV becomes an interactive system where every participant of a mass event can become its videodocumentarist.

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We want to encourage participants of concerts, festivals, etc. to film the event using their smartphone cameras and a modified Selfie TV App and let other participants see their footage on large screens. We believe that thanks to this we will be able to select and show what usually is unseen and hidden during typical television or documentary footage. We want to encourage the wide-spread trend of joint filming and fun – creating the most interesting shots of a given event.

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