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Film Spring WorkshopOctober 2018

Screenings at the Film Spring Workshop. 7 FEELINGS/ 7 UCZUĆ.

Each year at the workshop venue we build a cinema for you to screen carefully chosen films and analyse them with their makers.

7 feelings / 7 uczuć is this year’s production and already with numerous nominations and awards, including the Special Award of 43rd Polish Film Festival to the director, Marek Koterski, for creating an original image of the world. 7 emotions: joy, anger, sadness, fear, loneliness, shame and guilt will stir also your emotions.

We will host not only the director of this great picture, Marek Koterski, but also Gabriela Muskała, an actress who amazed as this year in “7 feelings” but also in the “Fugue” (dir. Agnieszka Smoczynska).

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Marek Koterski

Film, documentary and theatre director and screenwriter, also a playwright. Director belonging to a movement known as the “cinema of moral anxiety”. His films mostly focus on a family issues, adult life’s disaapointments, childhood traumas. A director belonging to the generation of filmmakers of the “cinema of moral anxiety”, He created a famous film character: Miauczyński, the director’salter ego, through whom he expresses his own fears and anxieties. He strated making films at the age of forty.

Gabriela Muskała

Actress and playwright. She graduated from the acting department of the Film School in Łódź. For several years associated with Dramatyczny Theater in Warsaw and the Stefan Jaracz Theathre in Łódź, she also performed at the Och Theater and National Theater. She played the main roles in the films “Queen of Angels”, “Aria diva”, “Journey”, “Krzysztof”, as well as the French-language film “All Winter Without Fire” awarded at the Festival in Venice. For the role in “Wymyk” received the award for best actress in the supporting role at the Gdynia Film Festival (2011). She became popular in the series “Londoners” (nominated for the “Outstanding Actress” award at the TV Fest Festival in Monte Carlo), “Deepwater”, “Paradox” and “Everything Before Us”. She is the author of plays, written together with her sister Monica, which have been translated into English, German, Italian, Romanian and Hungarian. She wrote the script for “FUGUE” awarded at this year’s Gdynia Film Festival and also starred in the film as Alicia.

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