I. Film Spring Open Workshop for filmmakers
1. Film Spring Open Workshop (herein referred to as FSO) is organised by Film Spring Open Foundation (herein referred to as „Organiser”).
2. For 16 years already the Film Spring Open Workshop (“FSO”) has provided interdisciplinary and interactive workshops focused on the future of the audiovisual industry. In times of dynamic technological changes the aim is to provide the necessary continuous training and improve acquired artistic and technical skills among students and graduates of film schools as well as professionals and emerging talented filmmakers.
3. Film Spring Open Workshop is open to all individuals that represent one of the professions needed in film production (i.e. producers, directors, cinematographers, set designers, script writers, actors, composers, sound artists, editors, VFX, SFX, as well as programmers).
4. Film Spring Open Workshop program includes:
•    Discussion panels about the future-oriented model of fiction film production,
•    Lectures about new possibilities to finance films in Europe,
•    Workshops on new technologies including presentations and tests of newest tools for production and postproduction,
•    Cooperation of creative groups and a continuation of “Interactivity” project searching for a new format of a film show (creative groups of i.e. producers, directors, cinematographers, set designers, script writers, actors, composers, sound artists, editors, VFX, SFX, as well as programmers),
•    Workshops on digital postproduction including presentations and lectures,
•    Meeting with outstanding filmmakers to analyse production of their recent films,
•    Presentations of newest tools working on the set,
•    Making previses and consulting them with experienced filmmakers, in particular cooperation of creative groups making short films, including music videos, on the basis of Previs,
•    Documentary workshops (documentary film in new media).
5. During FSO, participants will have the possibility to learn theory, acquire practical skills and consult their future projects.
6. FSO is carried by experienced team of professionals in audiovisual industry.

II. Participants
1. The participation in FSO is paid 350PLN. Payment is made through the PayPal online service after the confirmation sent by the Organisers by e-mail. The information about acceptance of application will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the application.
2. Film Spring Open Workshop is planned for approximately 300 adult participants related to the film industry (students and graduates of film and theatre schools and film professionals).
3. The main requirement for participation in FSO is to register online through the link
4. The registration is open for both individual filmmakers and dedicated groups. Organised groups are requested to send additional information by e-mail to:
5. Organiser will confirm the registration within 7 days after the closure of the registration.
6.Accommodation can be booked by contacting the participants with the Hotel Wolski in Krakow. Only participants who pay the registration fee will be able to book accommodation.
7. Final confirmation is made after the payment is made.
8. The registration fee will be returned to those persons who resign from the participation in the Film Spring Open Workshop by informing the organizers in writing no later than 2 weeks before the day of the start of FSO. The Foundation will deduce 10% of administrative fees from the returned fee.
9. Only participants vaccinated against Covid 19 will be able to take part in the Workshop.

III. Film Spring Open Workshop
1. FSO will take place between 12-21 of October 2021 in Krakow, Poland in Hotel Wolski „Przegorzały”, ul. Jodłowa 13.
2. FSO schedule (detailed program) will be available on the website just before the start of the FSO.
IV. Rights and Obligations of Participants and Organisers
1. Organisers provide tuition and access to film equipment and software necessary to shoot and/or record sound, editing and postproduction of participants’ projects.
2. Organiser does not cover accommodation, meals or other individual expenses of participants.
3. Organiser does not bear any kind of liability for the loss, expenses or destruction of participant’s property.
4. Organiser has the right to change the date of FSO and its program, which will be announced through the portal and by e-mail.
5. Participants are liable for losses caused by their negligence.
6. Organiser does not provide insurance for participants and does not bear any kind of liability for this.
7. Participants are obliged to obey safety rules on the shooting plan. Taking this into consideration, the Organiser has the right to interfere in activities that are dangerous for participant’s health, in particular to prohibit or ask participants to refrain from similar actions.
8. Participants grant to the Organiser non-exclusive, free of charge, unlimited (in terms of time and territory) license for the use of audiovisual materials made during FSO for promotion of current or future activities of the Organiser in the following ways:
•    In the scope of using it on the web and through Internet,
•    In the scope of broadcasting in Television and other events organised by the Organiser,
•    In the scope of copying and sending whole materials or its parts thereof (by any technique) to the unlimited number of users,
•    In the scope of using whole materials or parts thereof for the purpose of promotional activities of next editions of the FSO and other activities of the Organiser.

  •  In the scope of uploading the materials in the archives on the website accessible to all logged users.
  1. The participant agrees to include the Film Spring Open logo at the end of the film made during Film Spring Open. Download the logo here.
    10. The participant agrees to process their personal data, in accordance with the regulations of law currently in force, i.e. with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council no. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), also known as GDPR, and the Polish Act of 10th May 2018 on the Protection of Personal Data. Information on the processing of the personal data and the privacy policy of the Film Spring Open Foundation is available at the website
    11. The participant agrees to free of charge dissemination of their image in all fields of use, in particular specified in art. 50 and 86 unit 1 point 2 of the Act of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights.
    12. FSO participants are obliged to read and follow these regulations. The participants accept the regulations when registering online for FSO.
    13. Participants violating these regulations will be asked to leave FSO.