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Film Spring WorkshopAugust 2017

“Race cars, space jumps and explosions – putting every boy’s dreams into 3D graphics”. A presentation and workshop by Matthias Zabiegly, Aixsponza.

Ahead of us there is probably one of the most exciting events of Film Spring Workshop 2017. Thanks to our new Technology Partner, Maxon – a leader in 3D animation software, we have a great pleasure to invite you for a workshop and the presentation of an award-winning Cinema 4D application, held by Matthias Zabiegly, Aixsponza.

Matthias Zabiegly is a veteran 3D artist who has gathered more than ten years of industry experience. He is currently working as Head of 3D and Set Supervisor at Aixsponza GmbH in Munich and also teaching 3D at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich as an assistant professor. He is a speaker and a guest lecturer at universities and various events, which included among others: IBC Amsterdam 2015, Keyshot World Wiesbaden, FMX 2017 Stuttgart, animago 2016 Munich or Siggraph Vancouver 2014. For his 3D work he uses mostly Cinema 4D.

Matthias Zabiegly, Aixsponza.

Matthias will take you on an amazing journey through Aixsponza’s top projects of the past decade. He will discuss the reasons for using 3D graphics, the design process that follows, the workflow and pipeline of a 3D productions and how to get the most out of a given subject.

One of the productions to be analysed during the lecture will be a famous RedBull Stratos, where Matthias was a 3D Lead and where he also shaded, lit and composited the balloon hull and did some lighting on capsule and astronaut shots. The film tells a story of an Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner breaking the speed of sound in freefall when reaching an estimated speed of *833.9 mph (1,342.8 km/h) jumping from the stratosphere.

Apart from the presentation, Matthias will conduct a workshop on Cinema 4D and will stay with us for two days so you will also have an opportunity to consult your work individually.

More on Matthias Zabiegly.

After finishing his academic career in London, UK with a Master degree he ventured into the unsettled and pleasurable world of freelancing. Working for Animationsfabrik offices in Hamburg and Cologne he was doing shoals of fishes crowd simulations for the “Little Polar Bear 2” feature film. Continuing to work for the big screen he went to Pictorion Das Werk company doing Til Schweigers “One Way”.

Red Bull Formula1. (Source: M. Zabiegly)

This is also when he first had contact with the Broadcast industry working on commercials for Wrigley, McDonalds or Volkswagen. Ending his freelance adventures, he went to work full-time at Aixsponza in 2007 where he has stayed ever since. As a 3D supervisor he was heading lots of bigger productions like Nike footwear spots or Red Bull Formula1 edutainment animations. Works include on-air designs for MTV, Viva or TVN, Television commercials for lots of international brands, Logo animations for Seat, Linde or ZDF and Automotive projects for BMW, Audi or Skoda.

Thanks to IT Serwis, a Polish distributor of Maxon Cinema 4D, the software will be available to our participants on each computer in our editing room.

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