New model of film production

In Europe we work in an inefficient system that has not changed for years. Main features of the new production model proposed by us are the following:

  • Quality – risk management which means that in addition to the script we suggest to make Previs (pre- visualizations, draft of would to be future film)
  • Savings – financing model successfully introduced in the UK by “Microwave” Film London’s micro-budget feature filmmaking scheme
  • Environmentally Friendly Organization – time management in film production – more efficient use of production time thanks to new tools, eco-friendly organization
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Cinebus provides production and post-production service for intimate, small-scale films. It will be possible to handle the shooting, including director’s preview and actor’s make-up, as well as editing, archiving, performing basic image manipulations and color correction, to sound design of the finished film. Using the Cinebus it will be also possible to transport all the equipment needed to make these intimate, small-scale films. Cinebus is a mobile film studio that will offer tailor-made workshops for the audio-visual industry, from first-time filmmakers to young professionals in various creative fields. It will become a one-stop learning spot that nobody else is providing…

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Selfie TV

We would like to create a Selfie TV – a mobile Public Television, which will consist of:

  • Smartphones Application which allow audience of concerts, historical reconstructions, and all public events upload their recorded videos in HD quality to Cinebus very quickly.
  • Cinebus – special vehicle bus established for audiovisual production, already created by Film Spring Open Foundation. The best received and selected videos – the most attractive shots will be uploaded to the video screens and on dedicated websites and also archived for further use…
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