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Join Interactive Narration Group

Paweł Dyllus will lead Arri Crime Movies Group

Sławomir Idziak will lead Internet Creators Group

Join Internet Creators Group

Join Sony Shooting in Rough Conditions Group

Join Music Film Group led by outstanding experts

Eliza Kubarska will lead Canon Documentary Film Group

Daniel Zduńczyk will lead Filming in a virtual set group

Contest for film projects promoting healthy lifestyle

Jagoda Szelc will lead scriptwriting group at FSO 2020

Check the program of Film Spring Open Workshop 2019!

Win a scholarship in PZU Competition for a preventive campaign!

Wojciech Staron will lead the Canon Documentary Group

Agata Nawrocka will lead the Nuke the art of VFX group

Slawomir Idziak will lead the actors previs group

Kobas Laksa will lead the music video group

Producer of trailers for video game industry will lead the CGI group

Open Call for the HP Virtual Reality Group

Michal Sobocinski will lead the Sony Venice Group

Jagoda Szelc to tutor the screenwriting group at Film Spring Open 2019

13 edition of Film Spring Workshop has ended

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Oscar winners Neil Corbould and Ewa Puszczynska special guests of Filmspring Workshop in Krakow

Laila Pakalnina to tutor documentary group at the Film Spring Workshop

Borys Lankosz to tutor screenwriting group at Film Spring Workshop

OPEN CALL for the Film Spring Workshop 2018



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