New model of film production


Cinebus provides production and post-production service for small-scale feature films. It allows to shoot a movie from scratch to the final DCP. It handles:

  • preproduction, including making of Previs (Animatic or live acting trial version of the future audiovisual project).
  • Transport of the whole equipment necessary for shooting small budget films. On board: hydraulic lift, trailer, 800 kg capacity luggage platform on the roof and set of dedicated luggage trolleys.
  • Shooting the film. Cinebus has the make-up room, wardrobe for costumes, mobile director’s preview, sound engineer’s room as well as work stations for archiving, editing, visual effects and color corrections, as well as a social space including coffee machine, oven and fridge.
  • A tent combined with the bus plays the role of a screening room, greenscreen studio as well as additional storage and production space. In the future we are planning to convert this space into virtual studio based on LED screens and “Unreal 4” video game engine.
  • Cinebus ensures 4 K (and more) wireless image transmission and all workstations are interconnected by an optic fiber network.
  • Thanks to the power generator and the on-board wireless network (1Gb/sec for 2000 members at 500 m distance) Cinebus is independent from power source and external network solutions.
  • The Cinebus has a 5-camera Internet TV on board for promotions of films during their making. The stage on the roof and external screening room also supports the promotion of the film in making.
  • Cinebus is a case study tool for introduction of a modern, sustainable and environmentally-friendly film production system.


In Europe we work in an inefficient system that has not changed for years. Main features of the new production model proposed by us are the following:

  • Quality – risk management which means that in addition to the script we suggest to make Previs (pre- visualizations, draft of would to be future film)
  • Savings – financing model successfully introduced in the UK by “Microwave” Film London’s micro-budget feature filmmaking scheme
  • Environmentally Friendly Organization – time management in film production – more efficient use of production time thanks to new tools, eco-friendly organization of work on the set and reducing the means of transport (Cinebus)
  • Technology – modernized technical infrastructure (Cinebus) and customized workflow by dropping old habits connected to the previous technology

We are applying the proposed model to contemporary small budget films of young debutant directors. We are confident that with the same resources it is possible to make more films, which will enable more debutants to start careers.


Using the new production model we can promote and check in the form of shooting a Case Study of 2-3 feature films and at the same time describe the proposed changes to prove their functionality.


Download PDF – “How to make films Chaper and better?”

Download PDF –New production model – Promotional Activities 2016-2018


Download PDF – Cinebus storyboard
Download PDF – Production