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Film Spring WorkshopOctober 2018

Neil Corbould, a two-time Oscar winner  arrived to teach special effects in low-budget filmmaking and Ewa Puszczyńska, an Oscar winner for Ida gave a lecture on film debut – the third day of the Film Spring Workshop behind us.

For 10 days, a Polish city of Krakow is becoming our filming location. We will see the effects of your work during the final screening in a cinema specially built at the venue for the duration of the workshop.

Our educational program incorporating the latest solutions in the audiovisual industry as well as the state-of-the-art film equipment which you can use and test at your filming sets have always been our trademarks. This year’s programme and the choice of our special guests underline this approach. The workshop venue in Przegorzały is becoming a testing ground for virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Film Spring Workshop filming set. Photo: Filip Błażejowski

Special guests from London, James Edward Marks and Chris Szkoda from DoubleMe, for the first time in Poland presented a virtual hologram with which you can talk. Their 3D capture system, HoloPortal ™ transforms 2D video into dynamic 3D models in real time.

James Edward Marks and Chris Szkoda from DoubleMe, London

VR and AR projects are presented by the international team of Unit 9 and at the same time such projects are being produced by two creative groups at the workshop.

Jakub Jakubowski and Jakub Brzózka from UNIT9. Photo: Filip Błażejowski

Special effects are executed by the two-time Oscar winner, Neil Corbould (Gravity, Gladiator), who started today a creative group testing in practice special effects in low-budget productions. For enthusiasts of optical and mechanical effects, this is an amazing opportunity to work with the number 1 specialist in the SFX world.

Neil and Maria Corbould. Photo: Marian Folga

Our Special Guest, an Oscar winner, Ewa Puszczyńska (Ida, Cold War) talked about debut on today’s film market.

Over the weekend we will have dozens of amazing lectures, workshops, screenings and meetings,  including lecture on visual dramaturgy by Sławomir Idziak (Sunday, 11 am), meeting with our Special Guest, Neil Corbould (Sunday, 1pm), open workshop on animatics by Piotr Kukla  (Sunday, 1pm), lecture by Laila Pakalnina (Sunday, 2pm), or lecture on international cooperation by Magdalena  Kamińska”Warewolf” producer ( (Sunday, 3:3pm).

Saturday and Sunday are devoted also to SYMPOSIUM OF THE NEW PRODUCTION MODEL – PANEL DISCUSSION, which leading topic is virtual film studio, new language possibilities of VR and he new distribution and promotion channels.

The symposium is moderated by Filip Kovcin (FilmPro) and discussion panelists are: Neil Corbould (SFX), Marcin Kocik i Bartek Leszek (White Kanga Studio), Sławomir Idziak (DOP), Maciej Ryśniak (Movie Bird), Łukasz Bem (Bemix Media), Robert Woźniak (Canon), Konrad Ziaja (Film Spring Open), Piotr Ługowski (MBS), Daniel Rusin (aka Reżyser Życia).

On Monday, at 2pm our Special Guest Aleksandra Przegalińska from MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, a renown specialist in the field of identity in virtual reality and humanoid artificial intelligence, will discuss whether artificial intelligence can be creative.

And introducing the theme of creativity, Konrad Kruczkowski  will give a lecture on how not to stop being creative in adult life eralier that morning (Monday, 10 am).

However, a very significant part for most of you is making your films individually or in as many as 22 creative groups.

The Film Spring Workshop guest list this year includes: Marek Koterski, Kamil Polak, Laila Pakalnina, Marcin Koszałka, Borys Lankosz, Fabian Rozenkranz, Bogdan Dziworski, Kobas Laksa, Jagoda Szelc, Adrian Panek and many more top filmmakers and specialists.

Photo: Filip Błażejowski
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