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Package “Profession: cinematographer. From technique to visual storytelling”. Tutors: Paweł Dyllus, Paweł Grabarek, Sławomir Idziak (course in progress)

Tutor:Paweł Dyllus, Paweł Grabarek, Slawomir Idziak

Level: intermediate

Course language: Polish, English

Course duration: 15 meetings /2h each

Working days/weekend: w weekendy, w dni robocze

Number of people required to start the course: 15

Course price: 2000 PLN


Online education has its advantages and disadvantages. If we know what we want to learn, the Google search engine will offer us dozens of courses (better or worse) on a given topic. There is a lack of comprehensive classes on entire areas of audiovisual knowledge. Packages of audiovisual courses, which, through a composed program, guarantee comprehensive knowledge of a specific field and high quality through the selection of lecturers.

In 2023, the Film Spring Open Foundation, in addition to individual online courses, offers packages on specific areas of creativity and AV techniques.

To begin with, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the “Profession: cinematographer” Package consisting of three separate courses.

The whole event will be started by the award-winning cinematographer Paweł Dyllus, who in six sessions will introduce the participants to the profession of cinematography, not only regarding the technique, but above all the creative role of the cinematographer.

Another  course on cinematography technique, including post-production, will be conducted by the camera operator and cinematographer Paweł Grabarek.

In his course, Sławomir Idziak will talk about the visual dramaturgy with the example of Natalie Portman’s debut “A Tale of Love and Darkness”, for which he served as a DOP.

More details about courses below.

Duration: March – June 2023
Deadline for submission of applications: 7.03.2023r.

If you are interested in attending courses, please send an application with your CV and a link with your work to: biuro@filmspringopen.eu.

Paweł Dyllus

Course “Profession: Cinematographer” – Tutor: DOP Paweł Dyllus

  • Duration: 6 meetings of 2h each with a 15 minute break, every 2 weeks

In my fourteen years as a professional cinematographer, I have gone through various life and artistic downs, ups and downs. In retrospect, I can confidently say that my preparation and filmmaking activities as a cinematographer have changed radically on many levels.

In a creative endeavour, there always comes that moment when you have to finally step out into the ring and face your vision and expectations.

My aim during the online meetings is to guide you from the preparation period to shooting a specific scene from a film of my choice. You will be given a short, written scene from the script of the film – we will discuss the different possibilities of making it happen. At the end, each participant will present their scene shot on their own.

I know that we will learn the most from each other. I believe it will be a good, real cinematic feast. The workshop will consist of six two-hour meetings with a 15-minute break taking place every two weeks.

Before the class I will give you the titles of 3 films that inspired me as a cinematographer and I would like you to see them too before we meet online.

Meeting topics:

I. My journey as a cinematographer. The scope of a cinematographer’s activities in the preparation and shooting of a film.

II. Preparation of the film. Basic issues about location, light and camera movement – how to tell an interesting story.

III. Discussing how to tell a story and how to prepare the location, to shoot a scene from the film.

IV. Final preparation, i.e.: previs, storyboards or a series of shots.

V. Presentation of scenes – discussion.

VI. Summary, conclusions, questions and answers.


Course “Cinematography and post-production techniques” – Tutor: Paweł Grabarek, cinematographer, camera operator 

Duration: 3 meetings of 2h each

Meeting topics:

I. Discussion of selected ARRI, SONY, RED cameras (2h)

– Ergonomics of the camera, hand-held operation with Gimbal, Steadicam

– Resolution, sensor size, lenses

– Slow motion

– Sensitivity, tonal range

– Exposure test


II. ACES, color management (1h)

– Overview of ACES basics

– Colour management Da Vinci Resolve

– Workflow on set

– Show LUT


III. Da Vinci Resolve basics (2h)

– Basic editing functions

– Colour correction

– Working with LUT

– Material export


Sławomir Idziak - foto Filip Błażejowski

Course “The visual dramaturgy in film” – DOP Slawomir Idziak

In this course, participants will learn the ins and outs of the visual dramaturgy based on Natalie Portman’s directorial debut ‘A Tale of Love and Darkness’.

Duration: 6 meetings of 2h each

Join us!!!


Paweł Dyllus – cinematographer born in Katowice, who won the PSC 2017 Award (Polish Society of Cinematographers) for Best Photography for “I am a killer” feature movie, was nominated for Polish Film Award. He worked as a cinematographer for Polish winning and well-known movies, as “Life Feels Good”, “Atlas”, “Emily Cries” and „the Dangerous Gentelmen”. His short movie debut as a director titled “Dziwor” had a screening during Film Spring Open Workshop 2019.

Paweł Grabarek – cinematographer and camera operator. He has been gaining experience since 2017, working as a camera operator with such cinematographers as Paweł Dyllus (Absentees), Witold Płóciennik (Minute of Silence), Paweł Chorzępa (The Office PL), and Mateusz Wichłacz (Vote of No Confidence). Paweł is preparing for his feature debut Czekając na barbarzyńców (directed by Michał Ciechomski), produced by Munk Studio. Together with Zuzia Surówka, he has created a competition film within Papaya Young Directors 2021 in the branded stories category. The project ‘Freedom on our terms’ for Durex brought them a special award.

Prof. Sławomir Idziak – President of the Board of the FSO Foundation. Graduate of the National Theatre and Film School in Łódź, renowned director of photography, film director, scriptwriter. As a film director and scriptwriter, he made two cinema movies and four medium-length films. As a cinematographer he made over 70 films in 14 countries e.g. films by Krzysztof Kieślowski i.a. Blue, Andrzej Wajda’s Conductor, Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down, David Yates’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He has lectured in numerous film academies, won awards and has had honoured mentions in the Gdynia, Berlin, Venice, Prague and Auckland festivals. He was BAFTA, Cesar and Oscar nominee. He was awarded for his life achievements at the Plus Camerimage, Marburg, Miskolc and Cologne festivals.

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