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FROM WORDS TO IMAGE, or why you should draw the script to achieve the perfect effect on the screen – online course with director Mateusz Rakowicz

Level: średnio-zaawansowany

Course language: polski

Course duration: 2 spotkania po 1,5h

Working days/weekend: w weekendy

Course price: 200 zł


Tutor: dir. Mateusz Rakowicz

Tutor will explain the crucial importance of communication between the director and the heads of the other divisions during conceptual work during the intensive pre-production of the film. Storyboarding will be treated here as one of the tools to facilitate the communication of the director’s and cinematographer’s concept to the rest of the crew.

During the meetings, examples of storyboards and drawings from many well-known films will be presented, comparisons of the stages of drawing with the final result and analysis of differences, or similarities.

Mateusz Rakowicz will also conduct a case study of excerpts from his film “Najmro. Kocha, kradnie, szanuje”.  Using them as an example, he will talk about the entire process of shooting a scene: from writing in the script to storyboarding to the final result.

The course is an introduction to the topic of using storyboards on the way “from words to film”.

Already in the new year, we will invite participants to sign up for the second part – a practical class with Mateusz Rakowicz, allowing both to find their own technique for sketching simple storyboards, and to consult their attempts to translate a film idea into images, but also to communicate with the crew during pre-production as well as on set.

The course is aimed primarily at directors wishing to find a simple way to previsualize their ideas, as well as an effective method of communication on set, which are storyboards.


Course level: intermediate, advanced

Meetings: 2

Date: 7 i 10 December 2022


Photo: Bartosz Mrozowski


Photo: Robert Pałka

Film Spring Open Online

Co-funded by the Ministry of Culture National and Heritage of the Republic of Poland from the Culture Promotion Fund, co-financed by the State budget.



Film Spring Open Online

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