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Join us at the audiovisual workshop Film Spring Open 2019!

The registration of Film Spring Open Workshop fourteenth edition which will take place from 15-24.10.2019 in Krakow is open. International, innovative, interdisciplinary educational workshop Film Spring Open, is aimed at comprehensive, future-oriented, professional audiovisual education.

Pełna aula wykładowa na plenerach Film Spring Open
Photo: Filip Błażejowski/FSO

Film Spring Open is one of the largest audiovisual courses in Poland and Europe. 346 participants in 2018 and 61 Technological Partners, who supply equipment worth 3,5 million Euro.  Our program is based on modern approach to film production and looks into the future of the audiovisual market.

Plen filmowy z greenscreen przed Cinebusem
Photo: Filip Błażęjowski/FSO

Our Workshop  is a meeting place for creators, artists, professional filmmakers, students and enthusiasts who in an unusual atmosphere develop their artistic and technical skills, exchange knowledge, learn new technologies, benefit from the knowledge of masters, as well as have the opportunity to develop and realize their own projects.

Dziedziniec hotelu z planem filmowym podczas warsztatów dla branży AV na Plenerach Film Spring Open
Photo: Filip Błażęjowski/FSO

Our Educational strategy – is a hand on approach, practical teaching through work and development participants projects under the supervision of prominent specialists. Our Participants have the opportunity to work on their own projects in any chosen workshop groups covering all branches of audiovisual art- include: scripts, animation, a documentary films, commercials, VR and AR, CGI, a new model of film production, feature film preview, modern CGI editing, interactive forms of audiovisual narration, music videos and Internet creativity group.

Photo: Filip Błażęjowski/FSO

The organizers invite directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters, actors, editors, sound engineers, composers, VFX specialists, animators, programmers, Youtubers, producers, costume designers, make-up artists, technicians, film experts to participate in the event.

Photo: Filip Błażęjowski/FSO

Furthermore, participants can take part in lectures, film screenings and meetings famous or young awarded filmmakers.

Novelties this year will be the direct care for the individual groups from our new and long-term partners.

  • The group of Kids films under the supervision of Dorota Kędzierzawska is sponsored by the PZU Foundation.
  • Canon took over the care of a group of documentary films,
  • Sony Xperia will supervise feature film group and the You Tuber group – making videos on mobile phones,
  • Sony Group – the impact of technology on the modern storytelling language in the feature films
  • Nikon – Close-up in the movies group,
Photo: Filip Błażęjowski/FSO

We invited the Polish horror film/computer game production Bloober Team, which combines feature narration with the world of games.  Like every year, we promise the best equipment and Cinebus, in which we are constructing a virtual studio,” assures Sławomir Idziak, artistic supervisor and creator of Film Spring Open Workshop.

We cordially invite you!

Volunteers can sign up for the workshops on: https://filmspringopen.eu/en/register/

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