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Film Spring WorkshopAugust 2017

Interactive Narration Group 2017 is waiting for you!

This year in INTERACTIVE NARRATION GROUP you will work under the supervison of two excellent tutors:

  • Florent Pallares, a PhD graduate in film and audiovisual studies and a tutor at Diplôme Universitaire de Photojournalisme et Innovations Audiovisuelles in Perpignan;
Florent Pallares and Barbara Kurzaj. Photo: Red Eyes Cool
  • Adam Walkowski, a Web systems engineer, interactive video producer, Founder of InventCore – research and development organization focused on new media technologies such as interactive video, video 360, transmedia storytelling and creator of Deligic, a web-based software for interactive video development and distribution for web and mobile.
Interactive Narration Group 2014. Adam Walkowski is in a first row, on the left.

The INTERACTIVE NARRATION GROUP will work on the project ONLY YOU proposed by Florent and a bunch of French filmakers as well as an informal group The RED EYES COOL established by Barbara Kurzaj, a Polish actress, and Florent Pallares.

You may join the INTERACTIVE NARRATION GROUP and work on the group’s interactive project ONLY YOU or develop your own projects with the help of the tutors.

The story takes place in a near-future. In the quite old hotel room, the main character dies electrocuted while watching a movie with a VR mask and an electronic suit and becomes a spirit. The audience take the control of the movie, decide where to go, in a first person view.

The main topic of the story revolves around the subject of solitude. The main question is: What people do when they are totally alone, who they are in their secret lives? This leads to reflection: how the society can contribute to isolation of people?

The goal is to make a complete interactive (and maybe Virtual Reality interactive) movie in the next two years. This project is open to other creative groups who want to make their own scenes in this story or to individual filmmakers who wants to help with the different steps of creation. When the first editing is finished, it can be posted on different social networks in order to encourage filmmakers around the world to create their own scenes of “the spirit’s journey”. This will create another extension of this interactive movie.

VR workshop at FSO.


It’s an interactive movie. The audience can choose at the beginning to be a man or a woman.

There are 3 ways to watch it :

  1. In the theater (many viewers), the audience using a smart phone and a website can vote. The projectionist applies the result. (The majority wins);
  2. On the Internet (one viewer), the viewer can choose by clicking on the screen;
  3. Virtual Reality, the viewer can choose by turning his head in the chosen direction and waiting 3 seconds to validate the choice.

For the interactive part we will consult a VR Group supervised by Konrad Ziaja from CinematicVR.

The equipment will be provided by Film Spring Open, the University of Perpignan Film Spring Open France and the Red Eyes Cool.

In order to help you to follow the script, an interactive file, has been made with the software Twine.

You can download the htlm file here.

Or watch it online.

To join the group you must register yourself as a Film Spring Open participant. To join the ONLY YOU project you should also contact the group here: contact@redeyescool.org.


This interactive story takes place in a near-future. In the quite old hotel room, the main character dies and becomes a spirit and the camera change in a first person view.

A spirit from the 80’s appears, like he was running through a wall from escape to a danger. After a small talk, he explains that when a ring of fire appears, he has only some seconds to escape otherwise he will be hoovered. He starts to talk about his experience but the ring of fire appears and hoovers him. The audience needs to choose a direction in order to cross a wall, the ceiling or the floor.

In each following scenes, when the ring of fire will appear, the audience will have just some seconds to choose a direction. In each room a different story takes place, with different characters, in different time, created a kind of “Tree of possible lives”. The story can takes place also in another location. For example, in one scene, the spirit can meet a medium who can send him in another place.

It will be different ends. One of them can “come full circle”. The spirit meet another spirit and can be hoover on the ring of fire. Inside it, the audience, still in “spirit POV”, travels in a kind of “Star Gate/ Slit Screen” as in 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, who ends by a tunnel of light. Two very big hands can enter in this hole and extract the spirit from a woman to a hospital room, like a delivery of a newborn baby. The film ending when a scissor cut the umbilical cordon.

In each rooms, the possibilities for the audience are:

The front wall, the ceiling or the floor gives the possibilities to enter in another rooms.

The fire ring sends you inside a star gate/slit screen as 2001 : A SPACE ODYSSEY who ending by a long black silence with the choice to restart the story or not.

The right wall gives the possibility to go to the corridor and enter in another room. To create a menu, we can use the map of the building.

The left wall gives the possibility to go outside of the building and to have a flight around the building. We need to have a drone to do this. After a small flight, the camera turns to the building and enters to another room.

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