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Film Spring WorkshopOctober 2018

Having a good head for filmmaking – about the mental training in the profession.

We would like to invite you for a lecture and workshop on the psychology of achievement „Having a good head for filmmaking – about the mental training in the profession” which will be conducted by three experienced and cerified psychologists specializing in the psychology of sport and film.

The lecture will be linked to numerous scientific interviews carried out in 2011-2017 with artists working in the profession, during which a number of psychological aspects relevant to the work of a filmmaker were raised. The lecture will be based on those aspects which, according to filmmakers, are pivotal at various stages of development in their profession. Conversations with representatives of each of the film divisions allowed for the development of the Effective Work Model of film team members. It presents psychological factors and skills as well as dependencies between them that facilitate the work of filmmakers. Selected interviews with representatives of various film divisions were published in the popular science book “Psychology of Achievements for Film Makers” (Wojciech Marzec Publishing House, 2017). Lecturers will present excerpts from conversations with: Andrzej Seweryn, Dorota Kolak, Wojciech Smarzowski, Sławomir Idziak, Kacper Habisiak, Marcin Kasiński, Arkadiusz Tomiak, and Ewa Jastrzębska.

One of the aims of the lecture is to strengthen knowledge about the role played by the development of the psychological sphere in the work of filmmakers. Artists are confronted with a series of difficulties, and the awareness of numerous phenomena and psychological mechanisms can be helpful in shaping, among others, ability to work constantly and the ability to activate one’s creative potential. In addition, the participants of the lecture will learn what goal training is and why it is characterized by the best level of performance among experts in a given field of achievement.

You will also have a chance to participate in a workshop „Mental training for filmmakers”, designated for 15-20 people and lasting about 1,5 hour.

During the workshop, participants will learn about selected mental techniques that can support development in their profession. Filmmakers, just like athletes or businessmen, can set the tactics of action that, when implemented consciously, help to endure psychological and physical effort, while taking into account the specificity of functioning in the film industry.

“In the film, as in sport, reflection on the role of talent and hard work is important. Relevance: persistence, strong will and organization of work are important. However, many people give up on the very beginning of a career. Talent is very important, but it must be supported by hard work.” Bodo Kox

During the workshop psychological factors that influence the work of filmmakers and the cooperation between team members will be presented. These include: the ability to cope with the pressure and stress, shaping perseverance in the face of challenges and difficulties, the importance of values ​​in the process of shaping the sense of individuality.


Aleksandra Zienowicz-Wielebska

certified psychologist working in the area of sport and film. Graduate of clinical psychology on SWPS University in Warsaw and postgraduate studies Psychology in positive sport in SWPS WZ in Sopot. Member of Polish Olympic Committee and Polish Psychological Society. Certified sport and exercise psychologist II class of Polish Psychological Society and Psychologist recommended by Polish Olympic Committee (years 2015 and 2017) Since 2015 involved in a senior national artistic gymnastics team, since 2016 with a national rhythmic gymnastics team. Deputy chairman of Positive Sport Foundation where she co-manages post-graduate studies Psychology of sport – in the Possitive Sport as well as scientific, educational and training projects.

Ewa Serwotka

psychologist working in the area of sport and film. Psychologist recommended by Polish Olympic Committee (years: 2012 and 2015, 2017 – recommendation acquired). In everyday activities she represents the approach of Psychology in Positive Sport. She is involved in Positive Sport Foundation and Positively Active Society (Stowarzyszenie Pozytywnie-Aktywni). Co-creator of the “i7W” model. Graduated from Psychology Department on SWSP WZ. Wroclaw and postgraduate studies Psychology in positive sport in SWPS WZ in Sopot. In 2009 she received the Award from Rector of University of Social Sciences and Humanity for supporting the development of science on SWSP WZ University in Wroclaw.

Pola Weiner

she works in Positive Sport Foundation, where she cooperated in different projects and initiatives i.e. symposium “Druga Wyprawa w Sporcie Pozytywnym – Droga na Biegun Mistrzostwa” or the second edition of “Wspieraj i Wygrywaj – Sport Pozytywny w Gdyni” (project was conducted based on the “i7W” Model, she was a project coordinator). Under tutelage of psychologists she works with contenders of individual and team sports. She collaborated in making of the book “”Psychology of Achievements for Film Makers” (Ziemowicz, Serwotka, 2017) and on the project “”Psychology of Achievements for Film Makers””. She focuses in her masters dissertation (University of Gdańsk) on aspects relating to self-perception among actors.

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