Virtual Reality HP group

Group Tutor: Gabriel Ziaja

Creators of the Virtual Reality HP Group reshape the education, information and entertainment markets before our very eyes. VR has entered the world of film and art and it is here to stay, totally redefining experiences of the audience. We invite all fans of innovation and technology to join us for a wonderful journey and discover the possibilities VR gives to audio-visual artists. During the Film Spring Open workshop, we will encourage the participants to use the HP stations to create the “Cinebus VR” app, which will depict a virtual film set. Thanks to virtual reality, the app user will have the chance to discover the possibilities of Cinebus, take a tour inside it, and even see a film in a screening tent, which will turn into a 360 cinema.

fot. Beata Marciniak

Gabriel Ziaja, CTO CinematicVR – VR/AR developer, IT engineer specializing in intelligent decision support systems. He has 4 years of experience in creating VR platform applications and virtual reality. Co-founder of the CinematicVR start-up which develops interactive VR and AR content for business clients.

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fot. Wiktor Obrok
Photo: Filip Błażejowski
Photo: Filip Błażejowski