Opiekun grupy: Konrad Ziaja
Participants of the VR group will learn the secrets of production and post-production of VR content -360 and VR180 films. We will show you how VR film technology can be used in marketing, using the examples of the latest CinematicVR projects. Due to the unique nature of this year's FSO workshop, great emphasis will be placed on the post-production aspect of VR film content. We will share the experience gained during the creation of 135 VR films promoting the tourist attractions of Małopolska region, and we will also reveal to workshop participants how we deal with, among others:
– correction of 360 2D and 3D shots (removing shadows from tripods, flares, etc.)
– stabilization of 360 2D and 3D shots taken from the drone
– deleting the drone of 360 2D and 3D shots
– stabilization and correction of shots VR180
As usual, during Film Spring Open, participants will be able to consult their ideas and projects that make use of the VR and AR technology.

Konrad Ziaja – founder and CEO of CinematicVR start-up, which produces both VR and AR content, including 360° movies, VR applications, interactive catalogs of VR and AR products. Responsible for over 60 VR productions, including 360° films for Amnesty International, HBO Polska, Amundsen Vodka, and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. For many years associated with the Film Spring Workshop, a fan of new technologies, electric cars, computer games and interactive storytelling.

phot. Filip Błażejowski
Photo: Filip Błażejowski
phot. Filip Błażejowski