Selfie TV group

Group tutor: Tomasz Sol

Using the “Selfie TV” phone app and the economical solutions of the virtual TV Reckeen 3D 4K film studio by WAMM, the Group will organise practical workshops on production of TV reports streamed live directly to dedicated websites and YouTube. In the Selfie TV Group we will create films live. With the help of the phone app we will record short videos, send them directly for dynamic editing and then show on a wall screen and on the website. We will experiment with the form, we will have a taste of reportage, documentary and maybe even feature film and more unconventional forms. A new creative platform, new ways of work, creating stories and describing reality. You are invited!

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Group tutor: Tomasz Sol

Director, screenwriter, cultural manager, lecturer. He graduated from the Łódź Film School. Founder of the LET’S SHOOT (WEŹ TO NAKRĘĆ) association for young filmmakers. Director and producer of independent and commercial short films. Lecturer in film studies at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in the faculty of new media. He held film workshops and supported companies and institutions in communication through film forms. He is a music enthusiast, which is reflected in both his work on set and editing of his films. Currently he works mainly as director of commercial films, advertising spots and news reports. He likes to work with actors, he broadens his knowledge by learning about new acting methods, e.g. the Chekhov or the Meisner techniques. Currently he is working on a new documentary.