Previs Group (Animatic)

Group tutor: Piotr Kukla
Good script is not enough. In the modern process of low-budget films production, Previsualization is an important element of risk control of a work that is being created.It is a more accurate – beause it is introducing elements of visual dramaturgy – a sketch of a future work. It is also a financial document that more precisely describes the needs of the future film, such as the size of the decorations being built and their technical usefulness. Piotr Kukla, a cinematographer who works in the Netherlands and around the world, will introduce to group’s participants various ways of preparing professional previsualization. Using FrameForge Storyboard Studio will help you prepare Previsualizations your feature films. He will analyze other tools existing on the market.
Piotr Kukla – graduated from the Cinematography Department of the Film School in Łódź. He works in the Netherlands and Poland as a cinematographer. DOP for films: Twins/Bliźniaczki (2002), Winner/Wygrany (2011), Bride Flight (2008), Tutor (2001), De Storm/Sztorm (2009)