Group Tutor – Slawomir Idziak

We invite young filmmakers, producers of the audiovisual equipment, film producers and film journalist to take a part in a symposium of New Production Model.

New Production Model, promoted by Film Spring Open has three main goals, which may be  the beginning of the film production revolution:
– to market and encourage the use of modern and economic tools for audiovisual production, which may be adapted to fast developing new technologies,
– lowering costs of film production, which will allow to create more films by debuting filmmakers,
– more competetiveness on Polish audiovisual market.


Photo Mateusz Mamoń

This goals wil be a starting point for the discussion at our Symposium. Multidimensional  discussion will be held by our guest representing all the audiovisual professions and of course by our young participants  – the future of film. Invited producers of audiovisual equipment will demonstrate their products and young Film Spring Workshop’s participants will have a chance to test them.  We have already cooperated on this project with 40 companies: Arri, Angenieux, JBD, Canon, HP, Barco, Blackmagic Design, Cyfrowa Republika, Luks Film, Panasonic, Sony, Eizo, Samsung, MovieBird, 4 Vision, All, Cinerental, Freeway (dystrybutor GoPro), Akurat Lighting, GLC, Maxon, IT-Serwis,, Box Electronics, Beiks, CamSat, Gmotion, InventCore, Qubig, MBS, Hawlett Packard Enterprise, Krakowski Park Technologiczny, Uav Robotics, Kingston, Benro, Samyang, Neil Corbould Special Effects, Adicam, Dji, Dilectro, Mad Tree.

Cinebus, photo Monika Mamoń

Thanks to the support of public institutions and the leading companies on the market we created the Cinebus – a mobile audiovisual studio. Since 2016 Cinebus has been at Film Spring Open participants’ disposal. Cinebus is the most modern tool of the New Film Production in Poland.  Our aim is to produce low budget films, where economic aspect is to be or not to be in the film market.

Cinebus, photo FSO

Young filmmmakers will have a chance to consult their projects with the group tutor. We would  like to produce a film with the use of the Cinebus next year, and we are looking for the best project to do this.