Nature Films Group

Artur Homan will deliver a lecture entitled: “Filming nature: hard work or playing Indians?”

And this is what he says about his Group:

“If else:

– you didn’t wander in the mud on a cold October morning to film a herd of white herons;

– in your childhood you did not have the opportunity to play Indians, build shelters and track game;

– you do not have time to go to the gym and you want to quickly get in shape wearing 30 kilograms of film equipment on your back, at night, in the forest chased by a pack of hungry mosquitoes;

I invite you to my group 🙂

And a serious version: I invite to take part in nature film class all of you, who love being in nature and want to learn to observe and film animals.

We will check, what animals are hiding in the autumn forest and try to film them. We will look at the night sky and check if the moon and stars can be part of a nature film. We will visit the animals in the zoo and see if they are happy.

If you have your own film materials, please bring them to our class. Together, we will consider how to edit them to create a film that is interesting for the viewer and satisfying for the creator.

Film links:
Kukułka (“Cuckoo”, in Polish only)

Cute Red Fox Pups

Timelapse Spring Awakening


A filmmaker, forester and photographer. Since childhood, he has been wading in the swamp, hiding in the forest, sneaking around the meadow, observing and registering the beauty of nature with a photo and film camera.

He once wanted to film lions and giraffes, but when he found out how fascinating our nature is, he was completely consumed by the desire to bring it closer to others. He graduated from the Poznań University of Life Sciences and The Leon Schiller National Film School in Łódź. As a photographer, he collaborated with the “National Geographic Polska”. Participant of the “Three Arts in Antarctic” expedition.