LG YouTubers group

Group tutor – Daniel Rusin aka the Director of Life

In a digital era, what matters is the idea, not the equipment.

The Internet is a specific place, so it requires specific content and approach to the production. Daniel Rusin, aka the Director of Life, is known for many online forms: from feature films with well-known actors to social experiments and vlogs.

Last year’s film, realized at the workshop only with the help of a smartphone, turned out to be one of the best films on FSO, surprising quality and raising debate about current hardware capabilities.

This year participants will have at their disposal the latest flagship models of LG brand smartphones,  Moza Mini-MI stabilizers from Mitoya and, of course, professional lighting not to mention creative support provided by Film Spring Open Workshops.

The film made at FSO will also be published on the YT channel Director of Life.

Daniel Rusin has been working for advertising agencies for many years, focusing on influence marketing, he has won several awards like Young Creative in the category FILM by KTR, Saber Award in the ‘Best influencer Program’ category with the Dfusion agency. At the Onet 2016 gala, he was awarded for the creator of the year in the Lifestyle category.