Keeping Control in Extreme Filming Conditions

Group tutor: Martn Demmer
Keeping control in extreme conditions.How to produce a movie with a minimal budget? How new tools can help us to keep the control. How technically prepare film production to avoid high costs of post-production? How to work with in-camera settings?
These and more questions will be answered in a creative group dedicated to practical tricks making your work more effective and cost-efficient. DOPs can test in-camera color options to reduce later post-production work. Also, they will be testing the usage of LUTs and cinematic lighting with colour gels.
Directors working with in-camera approach can test how to work efficiently with the number of camera settings and develop an accurate shooting schedule without loosing the visual power of their films.

The group will be led by Martin Demmer, Essen-based film and television director, cinematographer and educator.