Internet creators group

Group tutors: Konrad Kruczkowski, Anna Siewiorek

The film material on the Internet, in addition to meeting the appropriate criteria, must be properly announced and told, and a community must be created around the filmmaker. Film dies without the promotion and after that immediately it dies its author.At the workshop, we will create an interactive reportage in which we will put many forms: short documentary video, 360 video and VR, photo and audio materials, and at each stage we will ask ourselves the question: “How can the world see our work?”

Photo: Agata Maziarz

Konrad Kruczkowski – blogger, reporter. Winner of the awards: Blog of the Year 2013, twice Blog Forum Gdańsk Award for Blogger Socially Responsible. For the reportage “We are deaf” honored with the “Newsweek” Teresa Torańska Award. For the reportage on parenthood and exclusion, he was nominated for the Journalists of Małopolska Award and awarded the statuette of the Social Campaign of the Year 2016. Author of the books “Hello Human. Talks about what is important” and the collection of reportages ” Halo Dad “. He manages the Communication Department at the Anna Dymna Foundation “Mimo Wszystko”.

Anna Siewiorek – a graduate in law and media management. She studied in the Netherlands and Singapore. Professionally deals in communication on the internet and PR. In the Anna Dymna Foundation, “Mimo Wszystko” answers the question of what content (in the form of text, image or video) is the most engaging for the community. It will not only tell you what material to produce, but also how to effectively promote it.