Group tutor: Florent Pallares

The INTERACTIVE NARRATION GROUP will work on the project ONLY YOU under the supervision of Florent Pallares, a PhD graduate in film and audiovisual studies, a tutor at Diplôme Universitaire de Photojournalisme, Captation et Images Aériennes in Perpignan ( and the creator with Barbara Kurzaj of Red Eyes Cool, an international group of filmmaker.

The story takes place in a near-future. In the quite old hotel room, the main character dies electrocuted while watching a VR movie. He becomes a spirit. The audience takes control of the movie, decide where to go, in a first-person view. During Film Spring Open Workshop, the interactive narration group wants to work, inspire and get inspiration in the spirit of “artistic residency”. The goal is to make a complete interactive (and maybe Virtual Reality interactive) movie in the next year. This project is open to all individual filmmakers who want to help in the different steps of creation or to the creative groups who want to make their own scenes in this interactive story. You can help for one day, some days or the entire length of the project.


  • This project mix some 2D, 360° cameras and drone.
  • There could be two ways to watch this interactive movie: In the theater (many viewers), the audience using smart phones and a website can vote. The majority wins and have their version screened) or on the Internet (one viewer), the viewer can choose by clicking on the screen.

To join the group you must register yourself as a Film Spring Open participant. To join the ONLY YOU project you should also contact the Red Eyes Cool here:

Photo: Filip Błażejowski