Graphics in film group

Group tutor: Maja Wolna

“Make yourself a movie poster” – FILM GRAPHICS WORKSHOP

Workshop opened to everyone who appreciates thinking outside the box! During the workshop we will encourage you to design a poster promoting your own or chosen film.

Photos: Marian Dziduch

Prof. Maja Wolna will consult the projects.
– “The ability of logical, abstract thinking is essential in the process of working on audiovisual projects. The search for the connection between the image, content and form of the message, the story about the film itself and its plot is directly reflected in thinking about the symbol / poster / logo of the project.”

“One of the most important elements of your work will be developing the ability to think sing symbols. Creating based on developing the skills of synthetic, metaphorical thinking can influence in an inspiring and effective way the search for ideas in the field of audiovisual projects, as well as the very description of the plot of the film, for example when writing a director’s draft.”

Working with the group’s tutor will be based mainly on individual consultations and short exercises aimed at developing synthetic thinking. The group participants, under the supervision of Maja Wolna, will work on large format boards prepared in the courtyard of the workshop venue, where they will design/paint posters, titles, etc. The artist will be present during the entire workshop and will also consult designing titles, opening and closing credits of your edited films.

Author: prof. Maja Wolna