No budget films

Group tutor: Andrzej Szypulski

Current reality often forces audiovisual professionals to be versatile in the use of digital technologies that allow the creation of films and other audiovisual materials. At the same time, filmmakers often struggle with a limited budget for production and such versatility allows them to partially deal with the problem of lack of money.

At the No budget films workshop participants will go through the whole process of producing a short documentary – from the idea, documentation and writing of the script, by recording the image and sound, to the final projection and plans, what to do next with the film, not to be forgotten in the ‘drawer’.

The workshop will focus on interdisciplinarity, so that the filmmaker could play the role of a screenwriter, director, cinematographer, sound designer and editor. We will practice, shoot and analyze film fragments. There will be tasks to develop creativity and creative thinking.

Andrzej Szypulski