Filmmaking incubator

Film workshop for beginners and all those who would like to learn in practice all stages of film making. The aim of the course is to familiarize participants with the latest audiovisual tools (digital cameras as well as editing and post-production software). But the main goal is to teach the principles of building, composing and publishing a multimedia work, a presentation or a promotional video.

The filmmaker’s incubator is an original concept conducted with the use of active methods and through specific film tasks carried out in groups and independently. During the workshop you will discover and strengthen your skills and learn about the strengths of several other participants of the workshops. You will practice, shoot and analyze film excerpts. There will be tasks to develop creativity and creative thinking.

Framework program of the workshop:

● Working on a movie – where do we start?

● Storyboard and script

● The construction of a movie’s story line

● Music video vs film

● Sound in a documentary film

● Interview: how to work with an interlocutor to achieve the desired effect?

● Editing of text on paper

● Camera versus an eye

● Image composition rules

● Technical aspects of working with a camera

● Communication in a team

● Inspirations

● Making of a short film documentary

Andrzej “Stasiu” Szypulski is the author of several documentaries that have won prizes at various Polish festivals and dozens of shorter documentary forms. He conducted various film workshops in Poland, Romania and Turkey. He cooperates with Canon Polska by leading film workshops for young people.