Fot. F. Błażejowski

This year the Scriptwriting Group will focus on the topic:

“Methodologies of working on a film script.”

The workshop will treat the topic of first associations, an often overlooked stage of writing a film script. Thus, it will be an introduction to work on different writing methodologies, the psychology of the process of creating your own unique technique and recognizing the stages of work.

Screenwriting workshop:

We will work on developing ideas in texts for a film script (treatments of up to 5 pages). The idea texts can be both short and long.The group may consist of max. 30 participants. We discuss the text of 10 people / teams. It is not possible to join the group during a workshop. It’s possible to change and participate in other classes – says Jagoda Szelc.

The group will consist of 10 authors whose projects will be discussed, selected on a submitted long and short feature films treatments, and also 20 auditors.To enter the group, please register on the Film Spring Open Workshop website and send your application with your full name and film treatment at by 20 September 2021.
The result will be announced on 4 October 2021 on the Film Spring Open Workshop website and social media accounts.

Jagoda Szelc is a prizewinning screenwriter and director. Her film Tower. A Bright Day won best screenplay and best directing debut awards at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia in 2017. Her newest film Monument received a special prize at the OFF Camera Festival. Currently, she teaches at the Łódź Film School.