Group tutor: Prof. Bogdan Dziworski

We have continued work of this very popular group at Film Spring Workshop for 8 years now. Group’s participants can consult their idea with famous professional filmmakers and also create their own documentary film projects.

Participants of this group are also invited to take part in a case study of a documentary film for Allegro. The ones who will send us a project at, will take part in our competition and will have a chance to win a scholarship – free participation at Film Spring Workshop (the fee, accommodation and meals included). Join us!

More information about Allegro competition:
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Creative Starter Allegro_Polish Legends
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Prof. Bogdan Dziworski – cinematographer, photographer and director. Excellent artist and lecturer, who shares his knowledge with students in many film schools. Along with Filip Bajon, he leads 3D workshop in Polish Film School. At Slaski University, where he has been a dean for years, he leads cinematography classes. For many years associated with Feature and Documentary Film Lodz Production. He created many fabulous, awarded at the best festivals, documentary films. Author of approximately 40 short, featurettes, feature films. His photographs were exhibited multiple times.