Group tutor: Laila Pakalnina

Laila Pakalnina, a Latvian film director and screenwriter will tutor the documentary group at the Film Spring Workshop.

– Every film for me means risk. I am not craftsman; I am not delivering certain product. I am making film and that means breathtaking balancing between shit and art. I hope for art of course. And I admire this risk. As for me this is the only way how to make film – Laila describes her creative process.

Photo: Armands Jakovels

Participants will work on their projects, starting from developing the idea and finishing with the post-production of the footage. These who would participate in the group without the idea for a documentary, can still find their subject on the spot, as „film is waiting for us around the corner” argues Pakalnina.

I call my method of work “Fishing in the river of time”. As life is extremely talented, we just put camera, set composition and wait. And life happens. So film happens. Sometimes immediately, sometimes in hours and even days. But it happens.

Laila Pakalnina. Photo: Ivars Burtnieks

Laila Pakalnina has graduated from the Moscow Film Institute (VGIK), Department of Film Direction. She is a director and scriptwriter of 28 documentaries, 5 shorts, and 5 fiction features. As she describes herself: altogether she has 38 films, 2 children, 1 husband, 2 dogs and 2 bicycles. And many ideas for new films. Her films have been screened at Cannes, Venice, Berlinale, Locarno, Karlovy Vary, Rome and many other international festivals, where they have won numerous awards. She was nominated twice for European Film Award for a documentary Dream Land and a short film Fire. Laila Pakalnina’s Dawn (Ausma) was Latvia’s official entry for Golden Globe & Oscar consideration for Best Foreign Language Film.