A modern workflow on the set of audiovisual projects. Post-production (editing, colour correction and CGI) during filming.

Group tutor: prof. Bogdan Dziworski

The group will work using and testing capabilities of Cinebus and Sony VENICE cameras.During the group’s work, we will analyze the structure of the Virtual Studio we are building – that is, test the combination of elements of rear projection, green-screen, colour correction – in parallel with “live” filming in real time. The aim of the work in this group is to speed up the production processes and, above all, to control the creation process of a work within the filming period.

During the work of this group, on 20.10.2018 a practical workshop on the capabilities and quality of the Sony VENICE camera run by Radosław Ładczuk will take place.


Bogdan Dziworski – supervisor of the Documentary Group. Cinematographer, photographer and film director, author of approx. 40 short films, medium-length films and features awarded at the most important festivals, At the University of Silesia, he lectures about cinematography.