Animation group

If you have the spirit of a Renaissance artist, if you would like to create on the border between art and technology, if you are fascinated by the opportunity to create impossible things and by the creation and manipulaton of film image, this course is just for you!

This workshop is to be an inspiration and source of knowledge for young filmmakers, animators, animation directors or people interested in a complex post-production of a moving image.The author will share his knowledge gained while working on his individual and commercial animated projects.

The course participants will learn how to work in an animation studio, how to team work on complex projects but also how to approach problem solving when creating complex individual projects.

The course will focus more on thinking outside the box and developing various skills of the animation process rather than on a strict specialization.

On the basis of his own project (animated projections for Krzysztof Warlikowski’s theatrical play “The French”) Kamil Polak will present the production of an original animated project from the concept through all stages of production, entering advanced 3D animation solutions; from the creation of concepts, storyboards, through procedural animation techniques, the use of game engines and the final composition of the image. Presenting all these techniques he will also talk about working with animation programs used by professionals around the world such as Maya, Houdini, CryEngine and Unreal Engine game engines, Nuke.

Kamil Polak
– animation director and supervisor of special effects. He studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Painting and at the Animation Department at the Film School in Łódź. Director of the animated short film “Świteź” 2010, which won over 20 international awards. Supervisor of postproduction in the puppet animation “Piotruś i Wilk”, which in 2008 won the Oscar award. Director of many advertising projects combining animation and acting plan including the series “Heart and Mind” and “Plush”. Since 2003, he has been collaborating with Krzysztof Warlikowski, creating animations for his theatrical and operatic works. Links:

The Lost Town of Switez – trailer:

Commercials – Reel: