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Film Script Open Group

Group tutor: Kasper Bajon

We invite you to sign up for a unique screenwriting workshop, which will be held in two separate parts:

– the first is a three-month online course (ten meetings of four hours + a half-hour break).

– the second is live work on scripts selected during the online course in the Film Script Open group during stationary workshops – Film Spring Open in Krakow. Divided into writers’ rooms, the participants will develop individual projects. They will learn the system of work in which they are currently working in the market – where, among other things, series and films are made for Netflix and other platforms.

Film Spring Open has created a family of FilmSpringers over its 19 years of educational activities, not least in Poland. The FilmSpirngers, i.e. our former participants, come to the Spring Open every year because it is there that they have found their place in the audiovisual world. Their vocation. Some of them are our lecturers today. Others have found work because our lecturers are active participants in the market and are looking for talented co-workers.

That is the opportunity we are creating this year. Kasper Bajon, who will be leading the screenwriting group is still looking for collaborators for the films and series he is working on!

Kasper Bajon is a writer, poet, film director and screenwriter known for productions such as: ‘Great Water’, ‘Rojst’ or ‘Open Your Eyes’. This is not the end of the list of his achievements – he is also a finalist for the 2021 Nike Literary Award!

In the Film Script Open Workshop Group in Krakow, you will work on 10 scripts selected during the call, which were developed during the online course. Every participant will be able to join the teams, the so-called writers’ rooms. The copyright for the script remains with its original author.

Ready to take on the challenge and develop your talent and learn the unique and marketable skill of working in writers’ rooms?


Send your three-page treatment of a feature-length film or series to biuro@filmspringopen.eu by 25 June.

“I would like the workshops to consist of three stages and – in addition to developing ideas for scripts – to focus on working as a team, to be a preparation for the so-called writers’ rooms.”

The first phase will be the selection of ten treatments of series or feature films (up to three pages in length), which we will then work on together.

The second phase involves working on the text online during a three-month course (10 meetings between July and October). Ten selected ideas will be discussed together (one class will be devoted to one treatment) – we will think about how they can be refined, which way to push them, what they lack and what next steps should be taken in their development.

The third – and final – phase is to meet together during the Film Spring Open Workshops. We will then divide into groups to focus on individual scripts. I would like our classes to result in ten well-prepared projects that can be submitted to producers or directly to television stations.

What I care about above all is practice. How to work efficiently and effectively? How to deal with creative blockages? How to locate problems and how to look for solutions? How to overcome obstacles? How to build characters – and why should you always start writing scripts with them? These are some of the many questions I will try to answer, ta so that in the future you can work effectively and creatively at the same time.” – says Kasper Bajon

The patron of the Film Script Open 2024 Group during the Film Spring Open Workshop is the Authors’ Association ZAiKS.




Group tutor

Kasper Bajon (born 1983) is a writer and filmmaker. He has published several books of prose and poetry, including Fuerte, nominated for the Nike Literary Award (2021). He was the recipient of a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. He has written screenplays for series such as Rojst, Rojst 97, Rojst Millenium and Great Water, among others. His fully-authored series Project UFO will have a premiere this autumn. In the meantime, film shooting is underway for the series Hevelius, based on his idea and script.

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