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Canon Docudrama Group

Group tutor: Mariusz Konopka

As part of the group’s activities, we would like to encourage a collective audiovisual project that aims a fiction documentary film group work on a socially important topic such as children’s addiction to the Internet.

This staged documentary film, initially realised by our participants under the supervision of Mariusz Konopka, will consist of two parts.

The first part of the project (choosing the subject, discussing strategy/promotion, script work and initial shooting – will take place during the Film Spring Open Workshop under the supervision of Mariusz Konopka – who specialises in this genre by making films with small budgets).

We will also encourage people to take part in the second part – online, when participants will create scenes related to their chosen theme in the places where they live. The project aims to involve as many young students as possible who are ready to make feature scenes, or strictly documentary scenes, on the chosen topic. Tutor of the online course, together with the participants, will select the shots submitted and their final editing.

Mariusz Konopka:
I am a producer, cinematographer and editor. Being a member of the film crews of dir. J.J. Kolski’s or dir. Filip Bajon’s films, I actively observed, learned and gathered experience on how to organise my own production. As an independent producer, I learnt to minimise costs, the lack of big money was not an obstacle for me to realise film projects and win awards at festivals. For the past 10 years I have been shooting all my projects on Canon equipment.

You are happy to invite you to take part in the group work!

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