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Artificial Intelligence Group in AV Media

Group tutor: Jacek Nagłowski

We are announcing the next group of the 18th Film Spring Open Workshop. This time it’s the Artificial Intelligence Group in AV Media led by Jacek Nagłowski, AI expert, lecturer of our online courses.

The members of the group will work on short audiovisual forms based on their own ideas. The task will to be co-create with AI systems at every stage of development and implementation of the work: from the script, through the creation of intermediate assets, to the final work with sound. Since the action is to be co-creative, all elements of the work should be co-created or processed by AI, but their source may be both generated elements and elements produced or recorded in a traditional way (text, sound, static image and video).

Dron na planie filmowym podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open w Krakowie
Photo: Lou Baron

During the FSO Workshop, participants will learn:

  • advanced ways to interact with large language models (not only ChatGPT);
  • the nuances of effective and controlled image generation (primarily Stable Diffusion in the Automatic1111 interface with additional use of MidJourney and Adobe Firefly in Photoshop);
  • ways and tricks of using video generators (Gen-2, Pika, Deforum, Kaiber);
  • ways to interact using TTS generators and music (Eleven Labs, Voice AI, Bark, Aiva);
  • ways of experimenting together and discovering unexplored paths of cooperation with artificial intelligence.
VR i AR podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open, warsztatów dla filmowców w Krakowie, gogle VR
Photo: Filip Błażejowski

Selected projects will be presented on the big screen during the final screening of the Film Spring Open Workshop

“I hope we will have fun together and freely hack AI in order to develop our human imagination” – says Jacek Nagłowski, who will also support other groups of the 18th Film Spring Open Workshop with his knowledge and creative experience in the field of AI.

Group tutor

Jacek Nagłowski – philosopher by education, film producer and director, researcher and creator in the field of new media. He has produced nearly thirty documentaries and feature films, most of them international co-productions. His documentary ‘Gugara’ (producer, co-writer, co-director, editor) won, among others, the Bronze Lajkonik and the TVP Award at the Krakow Film Festival, was selected for the ACID section of the Cannes Film Festival and was purchased by the Paris Museum of Contemporary Art Centre Pompidou.

The company he co-founded, Circus Digitalis, develops 3D digital imaging solutions. Circus creates digital sets for feature films and documentaries, interactive applications and virtual reality experiences. The company has completed more than forty projects.
Since 2015, he has been working on virtual reality issues. Together with Milenia Fiedler and Iwona Pomianowska, he initiated a project to study the language of cinematic VR at the Film School in Łódź. Since 2018, together with Paulina Borkiewicz, he has been heading the VR/AR Studio of the Visual Narration Laboratory of the Łódź Film School (vnlab.org). The studio has produced 12 VR (cinematic and interactive) works by various artistic teams, with Nagłowski and Borkiewicz acting as tutors and creative producers. Three of the produced works have already had international premieres at Sundance, Angouleme and DokLeipzig. Within the studio, Nagłowski and Borkiewicz are simultaneously researching and describing the language of VR.

In 2019, he made the documentary experience ‘Whispers’ (producer, writer, co-director), which premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, was among the finalists of Cannes XR and won several awards at Polish and international VR festivals. In 2022, he completed work on the VR game ‘the Curator’ (producer, scriptwriter, creative and production supervision of the entire project) for the Adam Mickiewicz Institute presenting the history of Polish design.

He has been working on issues related to artificial intelligence since 2021. He is currently working on an interactive VR experience ‘Conversations’ co-created with various AI systems ranging from text, image, sound and space creation in the Unreal Engine. The experience thematises the possibilities of coexistence and relationships between humans and AI systems. He is also developing the project ‘Pathless AI – Survival Guides’, which aims to popularise knowledge about the social and psychological risks arising from the development and rapid spread of this technology. Initiator and member of the AI Working Group comprising representatives of the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Contemporary Culture of the University of Łódź and The Film School’s Visual Narratives Lab, which is tasked with identifying the dangers of artificial intelligence and trying to develop proposals to deal with these threats.

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