Film promotion from A to Z

11.30 – Aleksandra Leszczyńska – Pitching training. 1.5 hours (workshop)
The workshop is addressed to filmmakers, screenwriters, directors, producers. Participants will learn how to present themselves and the idea in the most efficient and effective way – what to pay attention to, what to consider and what to avoid. What are the necessary elements of pitching and how to get over the stage fright. How to convince the producer, distributor and TV station to ask for your script?

15:30 – Aleksandra Leszczyńska – Where to find financing for your film? – 40 minutes (lecture)
The lecture introducing financing of film projects on the European and international market. What types of financing exist in Europe and all over the world? Where to find money for a debut? How to finance your movie? Why is it worth co-producing and what are the rules of co-production?

Zofia Horszczaruk – On which festival to report and how to pack your movie? – 40 minutes (lecture)
Lecture devoted to film marketing. An attempt to the basic steps of film promotion. Examples of successful and unsuccessful strategies. Why are logline and synopsis so important? What is the movie target and where to look for your audience? The essence and examples of banchmarking. How to choose promotional photos and what materials both film producer and filmmaker should have prepared at the stage of production in order to promote the film later. Examples of festivals and short characteristics of selected film festivals.

Workshop, October 23th – Zofia Horszczaruk – How to write a great synopsis? 
The workshop part dedicated to the basics of film promotion – tagline, logline, synopsis. The aim of the workshop is to create a refined description of the film in its three short forms, which are best to sell the film. We will focus on the most important elements of the descriptions that are to illustrate the full-length story in one, two and four sentences. Work in groups. Ca. 10:00 a.m., duration: about 1.5 hour.

Aleksandra Leszczyńska has been working in the film industry for over 10 years. She began her career in Spain, where she has studied film production at the prestigious Media Business School in Ronda. Then she lived in Madrid and worked for several production companies, where she specialized in development and financing of film projects: feature length, documentaries and animation. She was very successful in obtaining grants from national, European and international funds.

In 2012 she moved to Warsaw, where she started working in the Polish Film Institute in the Production Department. Over two years she dealt with the international co-productions, grants accounting and helped Polish producers with the grant applications. Then she moved to the Creative Europe Desk, where she was an expert of European grants and kept helping producers, distributors and other applicants in the preparation of the application. She would advise on financing issues and strategies for the development of projects.

In recent years she has also been running the meetings and moderating industry panels, among others, master classes at New Horizons Film Festival in Wroclaw. This year she has prepared Polish filmmakers to the pitching during the Polish Days in Wroclaw. Many years of experience in the industry and individual predispositions make Aleksandra perfect coach and trainer, especially for less experienced filmmakers.