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CinebusApril 2020

Film production in the coronovirus era. Are we doomed to stay at home?

The following note describes the safe possibility of making low-budget films in small creative groups also during the epidemic…

The low-budget films we are shooting in two weeks up to three months, and thus there is a possibility that the entire production group, after passing the coronavirus tests, could decide to make a quarantine for the full period of film production, including accommodation and safe transport to the set. The shooting location Cienbus – a mobile production studio built by the Film Spring Open Foundation- would be disinfected every day in the same way as it is done in hospital operating rooms.  Information about his potentials – you will find under- LINK

Such way of making films would be possible only with the introduction of a slimming production down system and introducing changes in the way films are produced, which we do analyze at the annual Film Spring Open Workshop. A description of such modern film production can be found at LINK

Description of the production process in the coronovirus era in points

  • The whole team, including actors and technicians and employees of the guesthouse or hotel, undergo tests for coronavirus. Additionally, before the final and voluntary segregation for the period of filming with the outside world, a quick POCT strip test is carried out, allowing the result to be read after 10 minutes.
  • From that moment on, the whole team moves to a small hotel or guesthouse isolated from the outside world, which is decontaminated and secured by a security company and provides safe catering (also delivered to the set) for the entire shooting period.
  • Transportation of the crew, actors and food to the set is done by a Minivan who, like the hotel, is decontaminated and the driver is a team member who, like others, has passed the coronavirus test
  • The Cinebus mobile production studio, including the space/tent where the decoration can be built, will have air ionizers and UV-radiators on board to protect the entire production space and equipment from the virus.
  • The film production group works outside the closed ecosystem and provides the crew with the logistics and necessary supplies. The communication between the production group and the crew takes placeÓ
  • The tightness of the system on the set is ensured by the same security company that secures the hotel.
  • Preference will be given to small projects in which the film set could be built in the large tent or two small integral part of Cinebus. All other necessary locations must undergo the same disinfection procedure.
  • The small episodes actors or other professionals (post-production) will be subject to the same health check procedure as the rest of the team


If the proposed system seems interesting, we invite you to read mention above

  • Description of Cinebus’ capabilities LINK
  • Essay on a new sustainable and lean production model LINK

We are counting on cooperation on the project because everything indicates that the belief that the coronavirus will quickly disappear may turn out to be short-sighted

Sławomir Idziak

Photo: Marta Dalecka

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