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The 19th Film Spring Open Workshop – in person AV workshops

:clapper: The heart of the Film Spring Open Workshop – audiovisual workshops taking place in Krakow – are creative groups in which specific issues are worked on – from scriptwritting to visual effects. Each participant can sign up for a selected group and carry out their own project as well as participate in lectures, hardware workshops and film screenings. Registration will be open in June. The registration fee entitling to participate in the entire program of the ten-day workshop is PLN 400.

💻 However, the the Film Spring Open is not only a short recurring event. We also give you the opportunity to develop your projects under the supervision of experts throughout the year during Online audiovisual courses and Iindividual consultations.



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We’re thrilled to announce that the 19th edition of the Film Spring Open Workshops will take place from October 15-24, 2024, in Krakow.

The Film Spring Open Workshops are award-winning and among Europe’s largest (300-350 participants) interdisciplinary international educational workshops focusing on the future of audiovisual arts.
This is more than a festival; it’s a hands-on filmmaking and learning experience under the guidance of top creators and technicians using the best AV equipment on the market.
Participants will have the opportunity to engage in comprehensive education in dedicated groups focusing on all branches of audiovisual arts, with an emphasis on AI. By experimenting with various narrative forms and learning modern storytelling techniques, attendees at the workshops will acquire skills essential for harnessing the latest technologies and tools available in the industry. Cutting-edge camera, lighting, and IT equipment will be provided by 60 companies and corporations, with guidance from outstanding lecturers, including Oscar winners.

Beyond the workshops, participants will have the chance to attend master classes, equipment workshops, screenings of award-winning films, and meetings with their creators, gaining insights into artificial intelligence and AI tools that support creative industry work.

The Film Spring Open Workshops also provide a fantastic opportunity for international networking. Participants will have the chance to form film crews and build professional relationships, which can lead to the realization of joint commercial projects after the workshops.

Additionally, we plan to organize a Hackathon for the royal Wawel Castle and a competition for a Green Ad for Małopolska region.

The workshops are aimed at students of art schools, filmmakers, new media creators, programmers, and representatives of all professions related to the audiovisual industry.

The Film Spring Open Workshops have been awarded twice by the Polish Film Institute and have been nominated multiple times in the “Professional Education Program” category.

Join our workshops where art, science, and business merge in a unique way, broadening the creative horizons of participants.
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Film Spring Open Workshop 2024

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