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Film Summer Masterclass in Görlitz

Film Summer Masterclass in Goerlitz 2018
The Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, the Lodz Film School and Film Spring Open Foundation have joined their efforts and expertise to create a joint project across the borders.

The result of this cooperation is The Summer Masterclass during which students from both of the film schools will produce a film using Cinebus, a mobile film studio provided by our Foundation. Cinebus will park in the historic city centre (Marienplatz) of Görlitz, a town in the German state of Saxony. It lies opposite the Polish town of Zgorzelec.

Cinebus provides production and post-production services which allow to produce a small-scale feature film from scratch to a final DCP. Students participating in the Summer Masterclass in Görlitz will have a great opportunity to use all of its functionalities in practice. With the Cinebus, the location becomes a production location: a wonderful form of contemporary dialogue. The Cinebus and the participating film students are clearly visible in the respective public and produce a direct effect. The Cinebus project combines in a fascinating way the tradition of the medieval artists of the traveling people with the high-end cinema production – says Prof. Peter Badel, the Cinematography faculty at Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.

Thanks to Cinebus, young filmmakers will be able to implement the rules of the new production model on their filming set. The point of departure for their films and the motto of the entire project is “crossing the borders”. Young filmmakers will interpret the motto in a few or one short film, depending on their choice. They can film, do post-production and then screen the produced material everyday, which will allow to introduce changes and improvements when still on the set. Cinebus is a great tool of the new production model and allows cheaper film production, therefore being a great chance for young debuting filmmakers to start their career. We are convinced that sustainable development and economical solutions are the future of film production – underlines the importance of these solutions Prof. Badel.

Prof. Badel, together with Prof. Zbigniew Wichłacz from Film School in Lodz and Prof. Idziak as well as Dr Veit Quack are responsible for this wonderful idea of the Summer Masterclass and its implementation.




Photos: Beata Marciniak / Film Spring Open
Photos: Mateusz Górski
Photos: Fundacja Film Spring Open
Photos: Jana Pape / Uniwersytetu Filmu i Telewizji Babelsberg
Photos: Anna-Paula Steiner, Naomi Achternbusch / Uniwersytet Filmu i Telewizji Babelsberg
Photos: prof. Peter Badel / Uniwersytetu Filmu i Telewizji Babelsberg
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