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Documentary Film Group: filming in a hostile environment

Hanna Polak, nominated for an Oscar and Emmy Awards, will share her personal experiences from working on her films with members of the Documentary Film Group.

Oscar- and Emmy-nominated filmmaker Hanna Polak will share personal experiences from working on her documentaries, including the Oscar-nominated ”Children of Lenigradsky,” the Producers Guild of America Award-nominated ”Something Better to Come,” portraying homeless children and people living on the streets and garbage dumps in Moscow, and on the film ”Stone Silence,’‘ shot in Afghanistan, for which Hanna served as cinematographer.

Photo by Marian Folga

Special emphasis will be placed on her latest film project ”Angels of Sinjar,” a testament to the continued courage and resilience of Hanifa and Saeed, survivors of the 21st century Yezidi genocide. Filmed in Iraq, “Angels of Sinjar” is currently on the short list for the prestigious European Film Awards.

Often filmed in some of the most dangerous, challenging and underreported places on earth, Hanna’s films celebrate the strength of the human spirit and show the beauty of humanity in the most adverse circumstances.

Photos by Marian Folga

Hanna Polak: an auteur-director who has an Oscar and Emmy nominations under her belt for “Children of Leningradsky” and the Producer Guild of America nomination for “Something Better To Come”, amongst many other awards and accolades. Her emotional bound with her protagonists allows her to deliver visceral, poetic films that celebrate the power of human spirit and that portray the beauty of humanity in the most adverse circumstances.

Hanna has been advocating for the case of homeless children all over the world and she has been collaborating with different aid agencies, to help unprivileged children. For her charitable efforts, Polak was awarded Golden Heart Award in Russia, “for serving the uppermost ideals of mankind” and the Crystal Mirror award by “The Mirror” magazine in Poland, an award that recognizes “people of dialogue, those who unite, not divide.”

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