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Film Spring WorkshopJune 2014

Commercial Advertisement LOTTO Group at Film Spring Open Air!

Do you associate your future work on the commercial market? Do you want to make commercial advertisements? Join Commercial Advertisement LOTTO Group at Film Spring Open Air! 

As you already know, this year we create a new dedicated group, where participants will make commercial advertisement film projects. Partner, which will fund scholarships for participants joining the group, is LOTTO. The main areas of its activity are games, lotteries and bettings. LOTTO has a long tradition of supporting culture. It is one of the greatest patrons of culture in Poland!

The theme of participants’ practical work is to create a commercial advertisement film project based on one of the Partner’s products, and among them: Lotto, Multi Multi, Joker, KASKADA, KENO, Mini Lotto, Zdrapki. More information about LOTTO at www.lotto.pl

Applying for this group you will have a chance for a scholarship which will cover:

–        The cost of accommodation and meals at Przegorzały GuestHouse of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland for the time of Film Spring Open Air, that is from 1st to 10th October 2014 (does not include participants’ travel costs),

–        Artistic coordinator who will provide artistic consultations for participants during the pre-production work on the script before FSO and will give lectures and supervise participants’ artistic work during FSO,

–        Production coordinator who will provide production consultations for participants during the pre-production work before FSO and will supervise the projects during FSO,

–        Exemption of registration/tuition fees for FSO.

Advertising film projects will be made:

–        To present an idea for commercial advertisement of LOTTO products,

–        In the form of audio-visual materials and/or pre-visualizations,

–        In available locations where FSO will take place,

–        Using film equipment and software currently available at FSO.


Number of places (scholarships) in commercial advertisement group is limited. Selection of participants will be made among the applicants for Film Spring Open Air.

Join us!

1. Fill out the registration form for Film Spring Open Air here http://www.filmspringopen.eu/festival-admin-festivalid-1006.html,

2. Send a brief description of your idea for commercial advertisement film project based on one of the LOTTO products to Sławomir Idziak by e-mail: si@filmspringopen.eu

For all applicants we will also send individual briefs of LOTTO products and presentations of players’ profiles, anything that can help you create the most attractive idea for your future project!

Call for applications till September 5th, 2014!

Looking forward to hear from you!

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