Cinebus provides production and post-production service for intimate, small-scale films. It is possible to handle the shooting, including director’s preview and actor’s make-up, as well as editing, archiving, performing basic image manipulations and color correction, to sound design of the finished film. Using the Cinebus it is also possible to transport all the equipment needed to make these intimate, small-scale films.

Cinebus is a mobile film studio that offers tailor-made workshops for the audio-visual industry, from first-time filmmakers to young professionals in various creative fields. It will become a one-stop learning spot that nobody else is providing in Poland – ranging from development, shooting and post-production to screenings. Cinebus is an initiative by Film Spring Open.
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Visualisation representing a 75m2 tent set-up outside the Mobile Centre. It provides a space that serve as a screening and lecture room also for presentations, events and we can also use it as a greenscreen studio.


Film Spring Open is a Polish NGO, owned and managed by Sławomir Idziak (Oscar nominated cinematographer with 45 years of experience as a filmmaker and also a lecturer/educator). It is an initiative that developed and proved a methodology of learning from doing. This idea came from the fact that institutional education often lacks practice and cannot keep up with the market trends and technology development. Since 2005 every year we create a place/incubator where participants most of all make films (features, documentaries, animations, music videos, commercials, but also interactive, non-linear stories and games). At the same time they test hands-on the newest equipment. Film Spring Open was awarded the Polish Film Institute award in 2015.


Creative ideas are visually more convincing and therefore we realised that our hands-on learning tailored to the specific market needs can also help other professions. For example video artists need content, musicians need music videos, engineers tutorials, architects interactive and virtual models, graphics need video blogs, multimedia presentations etc. Nowadays each creative project requires advertising and film can help promoting ideas, building an audience and keeping the audience reaching for a specific product/service. This is how we came up with our mobile learning solution – the Cinebus.


It consists of a social area (development), shooting area (cameras), postproduction area (computers) and screening-lecture area (in a tent hall attached to the bus). The Cinebus received first co-financing from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Polish Film Institute (technology partners: Canon and HP and interior design partners: SMEG and BoConcept). The main contractor is Solaris Bus & Coach. Our main goal is to reach smaller locations away from large capitals. Due to its multifunction we also use the Cinebus with our partners for events, road shows, technology expos, providing territorial merchandising, advertising – integrated marketing solutions.


The Cinebus hands-on learning will definitely develop more professional film production bus-studio, which aim is to help realize small-scale productions. We would like to practically prove the Cinebus cost effective and time saving solutions not only for modern education but also for modern film production.


As a result of the procurement procedure for construction and delivery of the bus, Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. was selected as the main contractor of the Mobile Centre. Solaris is a Polish company and a family business founded and owned by Solange and Krzysztof Olszewski. The company is a major European producer of city, intercity and special-purpose buses as well as low-floor trams. Since the start of production in 1996, over 12 000 vehicles have already left the factory in Bolechowo near Poznań. They are running in 29 countries. Solaris has become one of the trendsetting companies in its industry. For many years it has been the indisputable leader among the suppliers of city buses in Poland as well as one of the largest suppliers of buses in Germany.

“We would like the Mobile Centre to be a showcase of Polish film industry and promoting Polish film culture. This is why I am delighted to be working with a reliable Polish company, and our project will be based on a Polish bus, Solaris InterUrbino 12.8 m” says Sławomir Idziak, the author of the Mobile Centre and founder of Film Spring Open.


The Mobile Centre of Audiovisual Education was co-financed in 2015 by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Polish Film Institute, in collaboration with technology partners: Canon, HP, Sony and CamSat; interior design partners: BoConcept Krakow and Katowice, SMEG, Abet Laminati, Blum, Selt, Dicson.


Lecturing and social area with a kitchenette

Editing and archiving stations area

Video monitoring area


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