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Film Spring WorkshopNovember 2018

Character and Cartoon Animation in CINEMA 4D: 3 Case Studies – Fabian Rosenkranz at Film Spring Open Workshop 2018

Fabian Rosenkranz, a freelancing 3d animator, technical director and sculptor based in Berlin, presented some of his work as the starting point for the analysis of the functionalities of Maxon Cinema 4D.

Photo: Filip Błażejowski

Fabian, who once wanted to be a comic book creator, loves character related work. He noted that Cinema 4 D wouldn’t probably be the first-choice software for character animation, which is unfortunate as it does have very good tools for this. Cinema 4D is also extremely stable and efficient. Therefore, for someone who has already known Cinema 4D and who has worked in this environment, this is an ideal software to animate characters. Moreover, for an animator working with other software packages it is quick to pick up.

Fabian moved on to detailed analysis of his projects, the first one being Dummy for ACV.

The audience loved the story of a crash dummy and learnt about the challenges faced during its production.

The tasks involved with the dummy project included:
– optimizing the model for required range of motion
– rigging for motion capture (Perception Neuron)
– making the mechanical joints work
– minimal deformations
– believable facial setup.

Fabian explained how the project evolved including such details like exchange of the dummy’s joints to avoid breaking up which was happening when using Neuron Perception.

Photo: Filip Błażejowski

The following project presented by Fabian was Aixsponza for PENNY Markt, which required extremely flexible cartoon rigging, precise control of every aspect and deformation of a mesh. This and later projects were discussed comprehensively allowing also questions from the participants.

Such valuable insight into the animation software offered during the lecture was complemented by intensive workshops on rigging and animation in CINEMA 4D, which focused mainly on cartoon animation.

Participants could work on real-life assignments using the newest software from Maxon delivered by IT-Serwis, Polish distributor of Maxon Cinema 4D.


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