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CinebusNovember 2021

32 movies in 10 days!

15 thematic groups, 37 lecturers and 32 completed projects. We are summing up the 16th edition of the Film Spring Open Workshop! This year’s 16th edition of the Film Spring Open Workshop took place in Przegorzały between 12th and 21th of October. As every year, the most important part...
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CinebusNovember 2020

Check the Prototype of Innovative Mobile Virtual Film Studio

The Film Spring Open Foundation has developed a Mobile Virtual Studio, which aims to eliminate the green screen technique. Our Virtual Studio is based on rear projection and gives the possibility to introduce camera movement into the projected virtual background. Such a solution allows us to combine the background...
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CinebusApril 2020

Film production in the coronovirus era. Are we doomed to stay at home?

The following note describes the safe possibility of making low-budget films in small creative groups also during the epidemic… The low-budget films we are shooting in two weeks up to three months, and thus there is a possibility that the entire production group, after passing the coronavirus tests, could...
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CinebusAugust 2019

Film Summer Masterclass in Görlitz

Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, University of Arts in Poznan and Film SPring Open Foundation once again bring up together Goerlitz project which will take place from 28.08 to 07.09.2019.                                      ...
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CinebusJuly 2019

Join us at the audiovisual workshop Film Spring Open 2019!

The registration of Film Spring Open Workshop fourteenth edition which will take place from 15-24.10.2019 in Krakow is open. International, innovative, interdisciplinary educational workshop Film Spring Open, is aimed at comprehensive, future-oriented, professional audiovisual education. Film Spring Open is one of the largest audiovisual courses in Poland and Europe....
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CinebusAugust 2018

The Film Summer Masterclass has come to an end but this is just the beginning of great friendships and collaborations.

The Film Summer Masterclass in Goerlitz, a joint project on which we cooperated with Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, the Film School in Lodz and the city of Goerlitz has just come to an end. For 12 days German and Polish students from both film schools worked on their...
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CinebusJuly 2018

Tools and means of transport in the new model of film production.

It is clear that the proposed changes described in the previous episodes will require savings. This is particularly true of modes of transport. Nowadays, every department is arriving at the set with their truck or minivan. So we have a light truck + a power generator, the grips’ truck,...
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CinebusJuly 2018

Crossing the borders. Summer Masterclass

The Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, the Film School in Lodz (PWSFTviT ) and Film Spring Open Foundation have joined their efforts and expertise to create a joint project across the borders. The result of this cooperation is The Summer Masterclass during which students from both of the film...
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CinebusJune 2018

The second team – how to speed work without losing in quality control.

The American system of production of high-budget films is based on two teams. The production is based on the assumption that the most valuable time on the set is the period when the actors cast in the main roles (stars) appear on the set. Due to the star-sized fees,...
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CinebusMay 2018

Film professions. How is it and how could it be? cont.

1st director assistant As it is The profession, which used to be called “Second Director” in Poland, was awarded the number 1. First Director Assistant is a professional position which in the American system has little in common with directing. Their responsibility is in production and the person for...
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