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Bez kategoriiSeptember 2019

Agata Nawrocka will lead Nuke The Art of Visual Effects Group

During the Film Spring Open workshop 2019 Agata Nawrocka, our longtime participant who nowadays works as a motion designer, will lead Nuke The Art of Visual Effects Group. The group is supported by the software producer Foundry. “Visual effects are a complex process of working with the image. It...
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Bez kategoriiAugust 2019

The Interactive Narration Group will continue the project during Film Spring Open 2019

The INTERACTIVE NARRATION GROUP will work on the project ONLY YOU under the supervision of Florent Pallares, a PhD graduate in film and audiovisual studies, a tutor at Diplôme Universitaire de Photojournalisme, Captation et Images Aériennes in Perpignan ( and Barbara Kurzaj, the creator of Red Eyes Cool,...
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