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CinebusAugust 2016

Audiovisual Workshop „Spirit Possession or Confession” through the prism of the work of the French anthropologist and historian Michel de Certeau.

During this year’s Film Spring Open-Air we present the latest project of our Foundation – Cinebus, a mobile film studio, which will be available to our participants during the workshop. You can read more on Cinebus here or on our website.

It will be in Cinebus and its tent, which can be converted into a projection room, where the 3-day audiovisual workshop – Spirit Possession or Confession – will take place. The workshop will be also the final stage of the Narration of Possession course which is carried out in the Institute for the Study of Religions at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow in the Summer term 2015/16. The main theme of the course is an analysis of the various forms of narrations and discourses concerning the spirit possession within the primitive religions, the history of religious practices and contemporary demonological conceptualization from the anthropological, philosophical and theological perspective, especially in the reference to works of the French anthropologist and historian, Michel de Certeau.

The course is open to all participants of Film Spring Open-Air. Cinebus and its tent will be located near the guest house of the Jagiellonian University – Przegorzały.

source: www.slideshare.net
source: www.slideshare.net

During the course participants will attempt to create their own narrative approach to the phenomenon of demonic possession or confessions in the form of a documentary or a feature film, using the art-of-the-state equipment provided at Film Spring Open-Air.

The workshop’s program:

  • The lectures of outstanding experts in the industry about digital techniques of image acquisition, programs and platforms for digital editing, sound mastering and project marketing.
  • Classes during which the participants create their own multimedia (audio-visual) works (documentary, short feature film, video interview etc.

Planned activities:

  • Presentation of the research task. Lectures.
  • Screening of the film ” Mother Joan of the Angels ” ( J. Kawalerowicz 1960). The discussion moderated by lecturers.
  • Presentation of audiovisual equipment, short technical exercises and demonstration of the possibilities offered by the audio-visual equipment.
  • Screenings of documentaries on the subjects of possession.
  • Simultaneously, but also before the courses, the participants prepare their own projects (they write scripts for audiovisual works).
  • Participants during the course realize their audiovisual works consulted by lecturers and tutors.
  • Post- production . A short editing course: work on editing, post – production , the course participants edit and create a soundtrack for their production.
  • Discussion of the effects of work, screening of participants’ films and discussion.
Lucyna Winnicka in the film „Mother Joan of the Angels”, dir. Jerzy Kawalerowicz, 1960 r., photo: Maciej Kijowski, source: Fototeka FN
Lucyna Winnicka in the film „Mother Joan of the Angels”, dir. Jerzy Kawalerowicz, 1960 r., photo: Maciej Kijowski, source: Fototeka FN

The project is carried out with the financial support from Malopolska Region.


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