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CHIMNEY POLAND supports Film Adaptations of Theatrical Spectacles Group!

Did you apply with your film adaptation project? What are you waiting for? Chimney Poland, partner of this year’s Film Spring Open Air, offers free post-production services for one of the selected projects!

As you know this year we launched a new creative group. After all we will be in Krakow, Polish centre of theatres and art schools! We got first applications of film adaptations projects. Currently till the end of September we organise pre-production work in order to prepare your scripts for FSO. You may contact us and request a consultation at any time.

Additionally we would like to motivate you to work by offering even more support!

Further post-production work for one of the projects (free post-production services after FSO) offers to our participants Chimney Poland, one of the largest post-production studios in Poland, a company belonging to an international group having offices i.e. in: Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen and Sydney! More information about Chimney and their projects can be found at http://www.chimneygroup.com/


Would you like to start co-operation with them? In order to receive post-production support from Chimney Poland you will be requested to present the results of your work at FSO, which means to create audiovisual materials and/or pre-visualizations (PREVIS) of your project. The project, which will receive support, will be chosen by Chimney Poland together with Film Spring Open.

Join us!

To apply for participation at Film Spring Open Air:

Complete the registration form for Film Spring Open Air here http://www.filmspringopen.eu/festival-admin-festivalid-1006.html selecting a dedicated group called “FILM ADAPTATION OF THEATRICAL SPECTACLES GROUP”.

In all organisational matters please do not hesitate to contact Marcin Lech, production manager from Krakow, coordinator of Film Adaptations of Theatrical Spectacles Group at mlech1976@gmail.com.

We would like to remind you that registration is open till September 5th, 2014!

Looking forward to hear from you!


Short talk with Marcin Lech, coordinator of Film Adaptations of Theatrical Spectacles Group.

Who is the Group of Film Adaptations of Theatrical Spectacles addressed to? Who can benefit most? Who are you waiting for?

Target group is young people interested in enhancing scriptwriting skills on the basis of a theatrical play/drama, also participants who are interested in both theatre and film to practically check the connection between the two arts. It was created for young artists who have difficulties in finding an inspiration, for young and wild who cannot break through with their message. I am waiting for people who want to work and get to know something. I am here for them to facilitate these activities.

Why is it worth adapting theatrical plays/dramas to film? Are there not enough good scripts?

Let me answer perversely. I have an impression that there are many good films produced. In the age of You Tube and wide access to digital technology we can speak of a flood of images that invades us. Of course in this situation it is very difficult for young people to break through, the ones who have probably the world’s most interesting stories to be told. The problem is that between a script and an artwork, which is in fact a script work of a single writer and film that is a collective work of a large group of people, there is a lot to be done. This period lasts sometimes several years including one of the least interesting stages like fundraising to produce this piece of work, and this is when normally the beautiful spirit and passion ends.

In this “little” friendly environment there should be written a script, which, first of all, will be understood by a group of people involved in the creation of this project as well as by end users who are i.e. audience in the cinema. You could probably reel long academic discussions about the condition of contemporary language and people’s communication but this is not the purpose of Film Spring Open. Wherever possible FSO provides technical and artistic support to young people so that they could create a script on the basis of an existing theatrical play/drama and then a film according to cinema arts. Therefore, we focus of training the craft of scriptwriting and foremost filmmaking.

The fundamental of Film Spring Open is teamwork. How to use this model in the case of adaptation?

The film is generally teamwork. We hope that projects made in the Group of Film Adaptations of Theatrical Spectacles will be created in groups which will decide internally who is responsible for what. According to the main rule of FSO we do not impose anything to workshop participants, our job is to help and support, not to manage them.

Can you tell how do you imagine a meeting with group participants and how is it going to be like at this year’s Film Spring Open Air?

I am not hiding that the Group of Film Adaptations of Theatrical Spectacles requires a lot of work because of the range of scriptwriting work and film production duties. It seems to me that it could be good for participants, in the time before the Film Spring Open Air starts, to ask themselves questions which project they would like to join. The group has its online forum at http://www.filmspringopen.eu/ where you can read about participants’ projects and contact project leaders.

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