The enrollment for Film Spring Open Workshop 2022 is open!

The Film Spring Open Foundation opens registration for the seventeenth edition of the Film Spring Open Workshop, which will take place between 11-20.10.2022 in Krakow. The Workshop is an international, innovative, interdisciplinary educational event focused on comprehensive, future-oriented, professional audiovisual education. Film Spring Open Workshop is a ten-day, hands-on AV get-together based on new technologies […]

Online Workshop for directors and cinematographers – Tutor Sławomir Idziak

We will discuss the problems and solutions concerning visual dramaturgy during the six online sessions, which is so rarely the subject school’s interest. The course will be based on the film Gattaca, directed by Andrew Niccol. The film starred Uma Thurman, Etan Hawke, Jude Law was my entry in high budget Hollywood movies. Gattaca selection […]

The Commercial Film Group with Jan Cieślar as a mentor!

We announce recruitment to the next group during Film Spring Open Workshop 2021. You will learn the art of advertising film under the supervision of Jan Cieślar, who has won over 60 awards at the most important international and Polish advertising festivals. What to expect of the Commercial Film Group? A lecture titled: “Cat in […]

32 movies in 10 days!

15 thematic groups, 37 lecturers and 32 completed projects. We are summing up the 16th edition of the Film Spring Open Workshop! This year’s 16th edition of the Film Spring Open Workshop took place in Przegorzały between 12th and 21th of October. As every year, the most important part of the festival were thematic groups […]

“Secrets of Wawel” win Hackathon!

The aim of the three-day “Wawel Hackathon” was to create an educational product combining the world of film with modern VR and AR technologies. Franciszek Matysik’s project entitled “Secrets of Wawel” made in the form of a film in VR 180 3D technology won the competition. The three-day hackathon was planned to present the concept […]

We are extending the Film Spring Open Workshop!

We have good news for you: we are extending the Film Spring Open Workshop. We want to invite you to participate in our year-round classes. We start with an online Documentary Film Course with Paweł Łoziński! “Participants will be working on a given topic and will go through the entire production path: from the idea […]

Make independent cinema with Wiktor Obrok!

We announce recruitment to the OFFmaster Group. This year it will be supervised by Wiktor Obrok, a filmmaker and photographer, founder of an independent film school. What is the OFFmaster Group? An intensive training for those who are interested in a cinematographer and a director role. The Group will practice making dialogue scenes in short […]

Marcin Koszałka will supervise the Sony Venice Group!

We invite you to sign up for the Sony Venice Group at the Film Spring Open Workshop 2021. Marcin Koszałka will be its mentor this year. Habilitated doctor of film arts, cinematographer, screenwriter and film director. Awarded at festivals from Gdynia to Teheran. In his personal life: mountaineer, climber and marathon runner. Group Description: “For […]

Rób kino niezależne pod okiem Wiktora Obroka!

Ogłaszamy nabór do Grupy OFFmaster. W tym roku poprowadzi ją Wiktor Obrok, filmowiec i fotograf, założyciel niezależnej szkoły filmowej. Czym jest Grupa OFFmaster? To intensywne szkolenie dla osób, które są zainteresowane funkcją operatora i reżysera. Grupa będzie ćwiczyć realizowanie scen dialogowych w ramach filmów krótkometrażowych. Uczestnicy dowiedzą się, jak stworzyć profesjonalny film w systemie kina […]

Konrad Kruczkowski will mentor the Youtubers Group

We invite you to sign up for the Youtubers Group! Konrad Kruczkowski, a blogger, reporter and master of short video forms, will be your guardian. He will give a lecture titled: “Do creators need ego? On the six pillars of self-esteem and why we don’t make movies as good as we could”. During the Group’s […]