Get in touch with virtual reality in the Canon Virtual & Augmeted Reality Group!

We invite you to join the Virtual & Augmeted Reality Group, which will be supervised by one of the veterans of the Film Spring Open Workshop, Konrad Ziaja. This year, the participants and their guardian will focus on creating interactive virtual reality films that give the viewer the opportunity to interfere with the plot. During […]

Join the Film Script Open Group with Jagoda Szelc!

Reżyserka Jagoda Szelc wykłada podczas Plenerów Film Spring Open

This year, classes for scriptwriters will be held again during the Film Spring Open Workshop. Jagoda Szelc, a recognized Polish director, will be the supervisor. The Film Script Open Group is dedicated to future film scriptwriters. The lecturer will share her own experience and knowledge, including the methods of the cooperation with cast and film […]

Win a scholarship and join the Music Videos Group with Lanberry and Tadeusz Śliwa!

We announce a competition for the best video script for the song “Królewna” performed by Lanberry. The winner will receive a scholarship to participate in the Film Spring Open Workshop and an invitation to the Music Videos Group, which this year will be supervised by Tadeusz Śliwa, an award-winning author of commercials and music videos. […]

Take part in the color correction workshop with Konrad Zięcina!

This year, as part of the Film Spring Open Workshop, there will be a color correction workshop with Konrad Zięcina, an award-winning specialist from Krakow. Participants will learn how to make audiovisual materials more attractive using digital filters, popularly known as LUTs. LUTs can be loved, LUTs can be hated, but you can’t pass them […]