Open Air Programme

For the past 11 years Film Spring Open has been focused on comprehensive education in the audiovisual arts, using cutting edge technology and future-oriented professionals to engage with young students, graduates, artists, producers, programmers and technicians involved in the audiovisual industry(approx. 300 participants in 2015).Our education strategy is simple “learn by doing”, this hands-on approach is supported by:• Outstanding lecturers, including Oscar winners (Natalie Portman and EwaPuszczyńska in 2015).• The development of participants’ projects in real world working conditions, utilizing the latest technology. We had over 1,2 million Euro of equipment in 2016 provided by: Arri, Angenieux, Barco, Canon, Fujinon, Panasonic, Hewlett-Packard and Sony, etc. One of the main features of Film Spring Open 2017/18 will be a NewAudiovisual Production Model aimed at the reduction of film production costs.This will in turn allow more films to be made by debuting artists. We’ll test this model beyond the lectures halls of Film Spring Open. We want to give our participants an opportunity to learn in a real life production scenario. Since 2016, Film Spring Open participants have at their disposal the Cinebus – a mobile audiovisual studio designed by the FSO Foundation.